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  Well, here we go again – another year has arrived that we haven’t had time to mess up yet. Winter keeps getting worse – it was 3 degrees above zero on Christmas Day and the thermometer dropped down to 19 below zero Christmas night.

Guest Columnist

I’m writing this early again because the New Year starts on Monday, so I can’t tell you how we survived our family Christmas celebration at Thad and Angie’s house north of Sturgis on New Year’s Eve, but hopefully we all survive the terrible cold the weatherman is predicting for Sunday and Monday.

  Slim Buttes Lutheran Sunday School held their Christmas program Sunday morning on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve candle light service was at 4:00 that afternoon when it was already dark. What a great way to celebrate the birth of Christ!

  Casey, Missy, Bryce and Trig, Lanie, Matt and Trace all went to Sturgis on Christmas Eve to celebrate with Rick and Cindy Engle and family, Taz and Amanda spent the day with RonE and Starla Jenson’s family, and Reub and I napped in our recliners in front of the woodstove.

  I went to Bison Christmas morning to have coffee with my sister and take her birthday present to her a couple weeks late. Casey and Missy had all their kids, grandkids, Reub and me at their house Christmas night for a really delicious prime rib banquet.

  It was even colder on Tuesday after Christmas. The thermometer registered 19 below that morning as Lanie, Matt and Trace got ready to head back to Dickinson. It was too cold for me to want to be outside, so I spent most of my free time on the phone with the neighbors. I called Crystal Hanna to see how her last cancer checkup went and she said it was the best Christmas present ever. She doesn’t have to go back to the doctor for several months. We also visited about having a Glendo get-together in January to get all the old neighbors together at the Reva Hall. I also had long visits that evening with Dennis Nash and Russell Beld about the Glendo get-together.

  Karen Wilkinson at the Reva Store has reserved the Reva Hall for the Glendo gathering on Sunday, January 14. It will be a pot-luck dinner at 1:00 for everyone with connections to the Glendo community who wants to come have a good visit with lots of food and coffee. Spread the word to all the Wilkinson, Nash, Ellingson, Hendricks, Boe, etc. relatives and we hope to see you there.

  On Wednesday, Bryce took her car to Reeder to have Dalton Melmer find out what it needed to be fixed. Dalton had to order parts for it that wouldn’t come in that day, so Bryce headed home with the car to wait for the parts to get there. The car quit her south of Reeder on the way home. It was horribly cold, but she put on her outdoor winter clothes and started walking. Several cars went by without even slowing down when the saw her walking down the road, but thankfully Lee Hofland came along, picked her up and took her to Jeremy and Carrie Stadheim’s place to warm up. Thanks a million Lee! That was the same day that an 83 year old lady over by Revillo ran her car off a gravel road and froze to death trying to walk for help. Thankfully, Bryce doesn’t even have frostbite and Taz went up to bring his sister home.

  My sister Judy Amor had cancer surgery in Rapid City on Thursday. I went down to spend the day at the hospital with her husband, Ken. The surgery took much longer than we thought it would, but the surgeon thinks he got all the cancer and, if all goes well Judy should be able to come home on New Year’s Day.

  Reub and I had physical therapy with Jacy Brown on Wednesday and again on Friday. When we got to town Friday we heard that Florence Hett, 99, had passed away. Florence’s funeral will be Thursday, January 4th at 1:00 at the Rec Center in Buffalo. Florence was quite a lady and her family has our sympathy.

  Friday morning my 96 year old Aunt Violet Krambeer was taken by ambulance from her home in Buffalo to the Bowman hospital with severe bleeding. She was stabilized there and then transferred by helicopter to a hospital in Bismarck where she is doing much better.

  There were two weddings to celebrate this week. Mark Millett and Gwen Padden were married Friday evening at the Cadillac Ranch near Belle Fourche. Laeken Stugelmeyer married Kyle Carey at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Whitewood Saturday afternoon. Congratulations to these happy couples!

  Hope you all had a happy New Year! The horribly cold weather reminded me of this poem I got from several friends the last cold spell we had:

It’s winter in the Dakotas,

And the gentle breezes blow,

Seventy miles an hour

At twenty-nine below.

Oh, how I love the Dakotas,

When the snow’s up to your butt,

You take a breath of winter air

And your nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful

So I guess I’ll hang around.

I could never leave the Dakotas

‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground.

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