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Cold enough for you? We’ve heard that question several times lately. It was WAY too cold for us as the New Year began. The Adams County Record had a front page story this week about Hettinger, North Dakota being the “Coldest Place on Planet Earth”.

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The Record quoted the National Weather Service in Bismarck on New Year’s Day: “Hettinger, ND dropped down to -45F at 7:25 AM MST today. This appears to be the coldest, recorded temperature on the planet today!” It was only -40 at the ranch, but it felt like that was the coldest temperature on the planet!

  It was so cold on Sunday, New Year’s Eve day, that the church council canceled church and the Community Hymn Sing in Bison that evening was postponed until the next Sunday. We celebrated our family Christmas in the cold at Thad and Angie’s west of Bear Butte on New Year’s Eve day. All of our kids were there, except for Sage. Teri Dee, Mike and their boys came from Minnesota; Guy and Megan and their boys drove over from Wyoming; Sandy Dan came down from Newell; Casey, Missy, Bryce, and Trig, Taz, Amanda and Copper were all able to make it, but Sage and Alaina decided that it was way too cold to venture out with four little kids in that frigid weather. We thought they were pretty smart as our car thermometer registered in the minus thirties on the drive home that evening. After checking the temperature in the morning on New Year’s Day, we celebrated the arrival of 2018 by staying home in front of the woodstove. The temperature didn’t get above freezing here until Thursday when the warm air finally moved in.

  The Glendo get-together at the Reva Hall is still scheduled for Sunday, January 14, but we’ve changed the time for the potluck supper to 4:00 in the afternoon instead 1:00 like I told you last week. Slim Buttes Lutheran Church is having their annual meeting that Sunday and Pastor Henry and Linda Mohagen will be feeding all of us after church as their Christmas gift to the congregation. I’ve got a good appetite, but even I don’t have enough room for two big feeds at the same time! Spread the word to all the folks with connections to Glendo, will you?

  My sister Judy was released from the hospital in Rapid City on Wednesday following her surgery last week and she is at home in Bison recovering well. Our Aunt Violet Krambeer is doing pretty well after being taken by helicopter to the hospital in Bismarck last week. She was released from the hospital on Thursday and, at her request, has now moved into the nursing home in Bowman.

  A huge crowd gathered in Buffalo Thursday afternoon to say goodbye to our old friend Florence Hett. Bob Wilkinson came to the funeral before driving to Texas with a friend to pick up the new pickup Bob won at the National Finals Rodeo!

  Reub and I went to Buffalo for physical therapy with Jacy Brown on Wednesday and again on Friday. We stayed in town Friday afternoon for Harding County Beef Days and the Stockgrowers banquet at the Rec Center that evening. We missed most of the SDSU presentations, but got there in time for the SD Stockgrowers presentation and the Harding County Stockgrowers annual meeting. Jace Jenson and Taz were elected to the HC Stockgrowers board to replace the outgoing board members. Roger Gunderson explained the damage the Electronic Logging Devices regulations will do to the livestock trucking industry and handed out information on where and how to submit your comments opposing ELDs. Your comments must be received by January 19th. You can submit comments online at, mail them to: Docket Management Facility, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, West Building, Ground Floor, Room W12-140, Washington, DC 20590-0001, or FAX them to (202) 493-2251.

  The Harding County FFA kids served us a delicious beef supper and Reub won two tickets to the Rapid City Stock Show Rodeo with rooms at the Holiday Inn for two nights! The Harding County high school rodeo slave auction was held after supper and Shiloh Hewitt and Larinda Price followed with some great musical entertainment. What a fun night!

  The weather for the Hymn Sing at the Baptist church in Bison this Sunday night was a vast improvement over last Sunday when it was postponed and a good crowd came to enjoy the music and fellowship.

  Jennifer Mickelson sent me this quite a while ago and it certainly fits the weather earlier this week:    


*65 above zero:

Floridians turn on the heat.

People in Dakota plant gardens.

*60 above zero:

Californians shiver uncontrollably.

People in Dakota sunbathe.

*50 above zero:

Italian & English cars won’t start.

People in Dakota drive with the windows down.

*40 above zero:

Georgians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves, and wool hats.

People in Dakota throw on a flannel shirt.

*35 above zero:

New York landlords finally turn up the heat.

People in Dakota have the last cookout before it gets cold.

*20 above Zero:

People in Miami all die.

Dakotans close the windows.


Californians fly away to Mexico.

People in Dakota get out their winter coats.

*10 below zero:

Hollywood disintegrates.

The Girl Scouts in Dakota are selling cookies door to door.

*20 below zero:

Washington DC runs out of hot air.

People in Dakota let the dogs sleep indoors.

*30 below zero:

Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.

Dakotans get upset because they can’t start the snowmobile.

*40 below zero:

ALL atomic motion stops.

People in Dakota start saying…’Cold enough fer ya?’

*50 below zero:

Hell freezes over.

Dakota public schools will open 2 hours late.

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