Tackling Health School & Hospital Team Up on Initiative

Hettinger is off to a nimble start for all those people with new years’ resolutions to shred pounds and look good naked. Healthy options are becoming more readily available every day, and now the odds are stacked even more in their favor.

By Andy Roehl

Recently West River Health Services, the Southwestern District Health Unit, NDSU Extension, the Hettinger Public School, and Keith Jackson, CSCS have teamed up with a mission to offer the community a variety of ways they can increase their physical activity and improve upon their nutrition. West River Health Services received a grant through the North Dakota Comprehensive Cancer Control Sub-Contract Program to make this movement a possibility.

The “Combat Cancer through Nutrition and Movement in Hettinger, ND” grant is composed of three areas:

1: Adding healthy options to school concessions.

2: Offering a healthy cooking/nutrition class to adults this spring.

3: Offering family fitness opportunities this winter.

To start things off, there will be community events, designed for all ages, for the month of January. These events are free of charge and encourage everyone to participate.

If you are interested in attending, please make sure that children are accompanied by an adult.

The schedule is as follows:

Sunday, January 14: 2-4pm Open Swim • Hettinger Pool

Sunday, January 21st: 2-4pm Family Fitness • Hettinger Armory

Sunday, January 28th: 2-4pm Open Swim • Hettinger Pool

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