Hettinger High School Student Council quietly raises money for the Hettinger Backpack Program

Students raise big bucks for local program

Mrs. Tuhy’s first grade class
Mrs. Tuhy’s first grade class

Student Council has been working hard to raise money for those in need. The students in high school and elementary have been given the opportunity to pay $1 to wear a hat for the day. We have been doing this at regular intervals and so far, we have raised $353 from student donations. We then had a community challenge and we received three donations. One for $75, one matched the student contributions of $353, and the other was for $500. To date, we have raised a total of $1281. We had one final hat day on Wednesday May, 11. Hat and Sucker day brought in 243.00 and our grand total for students is $596.

The community challenge brought in the same amount so the total raised  by Hettinger High School Student Council for the Hettinger Back Pack program this year was $1524.

We welcome and would appreciate any further community contributions. This really means a lot to student council because these are our friends, classmates, and other students who receive the backpacks with food.

Submitted by the Hettinger High School Student Council.