Hettinger FFA sends 11 to leadership conference

Eleven members of the Hettinger FFA Chapter attended the District 8 Leadership Conference in Dickinson on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Hettinger FFA Chapter at the District Leadership Conference. (Courtesy Photo)
Hettinger FFA Chapter at the District Leadership Conference. (Courtesy Photo)

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Mrs. Schauer – 2016-17 FFA Advisor

Eleven members of the Hettinger FFA Chapter attended the District 8 Leadership Conference in Dickinson on Wednesday, Sept. 28.  There are nine other chapters represented in this district including: Beach, Belfield, Bowman, Dickinson, Killdeer, Mott-Regent, New England, Scranton, and South Heart.

The Hettinger FFA Parliamentary Procedure team has had numerous workouts before school leading up to this event.  Members of the parliamentary procedure team are:  President – Tucker Ellingson, Vice-President – Zach Rickertsen, Secretary – Skylynne Cummings, Treasurer – Mack Buckmier, Reporter – Rebecca Knutson and Sentinel – Jarad Mattis.  This event requires an incredible amount of teamwork. Their hard work and determination paid off.  They received a Silver Award in this event and was by far their best performance.

Parliamentary Procedure officers were also judged as individuals during this event.  Each member had specific items in which they had to perform during the meeting.  Awards are as followed: Tucker Ellingson -Bronze, Zach Rickertsen – Silver, Skylynne Cummings  – Silver, Mack Buckmier  – Bronze, Rebecca Knutson -Silver, and Jarad Mattis– Silver.

Rebecca Knutson represented our FFA chapter in the Demonstration Contest.  Demonstrations must be of an agricultural nature or be related to some facet of agricultural education/FFA.  Rebecca demonstrated how to make a sheep halter out of rope.  She has practiced this demonstration several times and has taught other FFA members how to twist and turn a single piece of rope into a halter to help control the feistiest critter.  Rebecca did a wonderful job and received a Silver Award.

Skylynne Cummings tackled the Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest.  Articles are previously selected from farm and ranch publications and other publications which have stories relating to agriculture, FFA, and leadership development.  Participants select one of these articles and create a speech.  They are given 30 minutes of preparation time. Their speech is then to be delivered between 4-6 minutes in length.  Skylynne did an amazing job and received a Silver Award.

Madelyn Larson was our FFA Creed contestant.  Madelyn memorized the five paragraphs written by E.M. Tiffany.  She has been working on memorizing the Creed for several weeks.   After reciting the creed, judges asked a predetermined question pertaining to the Creed and the personal relationship to the contestant.  Madelyn did an impressive job and received a Silver Award.

The Quiz Team consisted of: Tucker Ellingson, Zach Rickertsen, Jade Wolff, Jarad Mattis and Justice Anderson.  They took a 100-point written examination.  Test questions are taken from current year’s issues of the following publications:  The ND FFA Roughrider, State Convention Results, Winter Show Results, State Fair Results, FFA New Horizons magazine, Official FFA Handbook, Current FFA Student Handbook, National FFA Convention Proceedings, FFA. org, NDFFA.org and other State Activity results.  The team received a Silver Award.  Individual results were as followed: Zach Rickertsen  – Gold, Tucker Ellingson – Bronze, Jarad Mattis –  Bronze.

The Freshman Quiz team members were: Madelyn Larson, Kaitlin Jahner and Abbie Kludt.  Their test consisted of 50 multiple choice or true/false questions coming from the current FFA Student Handbook.  Madelyn received a Bronze Award and the team also received a Bronze Award.

Kaitlin Jahner and Abbie Kludt entertained all District 8 members, advisors and sponsors in the Talent Contest.  With their love for music, they played ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ using water glasses.   Glasses were filled with the required amount of water to produce the correct note.  They put a smile on everyone’s face.

These eleven FFA members proudly represented Hettinger High school, District 8, and the FFA organization.   Great Job to all of you – I couldn’t be more proud to be your advisor!!