Downtown business getting renovated storefront

Manager desires to maintain a good presence on Main Street

Brick was exposed as the steel siding was torn down. (Record Photo by Cole Benz)

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor

Fourteen months after one building decided to refurbish their facade in downtown Hettinger, another one is doing the same. Aflac renovated the front of their building in November 2015.

The Gate City Bank branch in Hettinger, which lies on Main Street, recently gave what their manager called a ‘facelift.’ Tim Brumfield said that the bank was in need of some attention to their windows, and it was decided that it would be a good time to put some work into the rest of the exterior, and help make the downtown scene in Hettinger get an updated look.

“Just giving it a facelift,” he said. “It looks like some of the buildings in downtown Hettinger are doing the same and the Gate City Bank building needed a facelift.”

The brick was laid in a unique design when it was first built. (Record Photo by Cole Benz)

The project had been in the works since late last fall, but Brumfield said weather hindered the start. So now with the nice weather, they were able to get up on the scaffolding and do the renovations. Brumfield said he doesn’t expect it to take very long.

“They should be done fairly quickly,” he said.

During the construction, removing the steel siding revealed a history of the structure. Beneath the metal sheets was a brick later that topped off the top of the building. The bricks were laid in an ornate diamond-shaped pattern. And just above that pattern is another design from the stacks of bricks, forming another aesthetic portion of the front design.

Brumfield wasn’t quite sure what the finished project will look like, he had once hoped that the brick could be featured, but he wasn’t sure if that was possible. He did say that it will have the Gate City-approved signage, and a new canopy over the door.

With the new storefront design, Gate City is doing what they can to help their presence in Hettinger.

“We enjoy being in Hettinger,” he said. “We plan on staying in Hettinger, and we just hope to maintain a good presence on Main Street.”