2018 Midterm Election Results

A group of lovely ladies at the Adams County Courthouse assist voters on election day. (Photo: Frank Turner)

On November 6th, Hettingerites rushed to the polls to vote in the 2018 midterm election and the unofficial results have been tallied.

Frank Turner

In Adams County, Kevin Pagel won the race for County Commissioner with 696 votes (62.42%) compared to Eugene Molbert’s 408 votes (36.59%). Although no one was listed on the ballot for the position Supervisor, Soil Conservation District, Hayden Evans had 46 write-in votes (30.46%). All other local Adams County races were uncontested on the ballot, with each person listed winning their race. However, there were notable write-ins with Erin Melling getting 32 write-in votes for County States Attorney and Andy Roehl getting 27 write-in votes for County Sheriff.

Also on the ballot were four ballot measures. Constitutional Measure 1, if voted yes, was to establish a North Dakota ethics commission. The commission, using funds provided by the legislature, would be responsible for adopting rules related to corruption, elections, and lobbying and for reporting and investigating alleged violations of those rules and related state laws. Adams County voted No on Constitutional Measure 1 with 50.68% of the population voting No and 49.32% voting Yes.

Constitutional Measure 2, if voted yes, would have amended Article II of the North Dakota Constitution to state that “only a citizen” of the United States is a qualified elector, instead of the current provision that states “every citizen “ of the United States is a qualified elector. Adams County approved this measure with 70% of the votes casted for Yes and only 29.41% voted no.

Statutory Measure 3 would remove marijuana, hashish, and tetrahydrocannabinols from the list of schedule 1 controlled substances. This measure would effectively legalize marijuana for recreational use for persons over the age of 21. The measure also requires the automatic expungement of the record of an individual who has a drug conviction for a controlled substance that has been legalized. Adams County voted a strong against the measure with 74.06% voting No and only 25.94% voting yes.

The final measure, Statutory Measure 4, would require the Department of Transportation to issue red personalized vehicle plates to volunteer emergency responders. The plates would be provided for no cost to the volunteer and would serve as an entrance pass to all North Dakota state parks. In Adams County 58.62% voted Yes while 41.38% voted No.

The people have spoken and the voices of small town Hettinger, North Dakota have been heard.