Centennial Square Nears Completion

Centennial Square’s new wavy wall. Perfect for sitting, aesthetics, and even water drainage. (Photo: Frank Turner)

Thanks to the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce, The Beauty of Hettinger, and countless volunteers, Centennial Square is looking better than ever.

Frank Turner

Local contractor Mike Marion donated his time, efforts, and machinery to renovate Centennial Square. Marion, along with James and Michael Lindquist, Seth Hofland, and Allen McIntyre replaced the old, bulky railroad ties and flowerbeds that outlined the square with a new brick wall. According to Jasmin Fosheim, the executive director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and Adams County Development Corporation, “The new wall helps with drainage issues and provides additional seating.” Another contributor, Arden Saunders, reframed the Betty Sanger and donor signs. The signs are to be hung on the west wall of the Community Promotions Office sometime soon.

Although the railroad ties are a symbol for Hettinger’s foundation as a railroad town, the organizations in charge thought it was finally time to change direction. Fosheim continues, “I’m sure the railroad ties were beautiful when they were originally put in, but they are not easy to maintain. They also closed off the space, and we want Centennial Square to be an open community plaza. I also want to thank the volunteers for their time and energy spent on this project. There is a large group of people who spent a lot of Saturday afternoons to get Centennial Square renovated, and it’s a testament to the strength of community we have in Hettinger.”   

Thanks to the generosity of many volunteers, Centennial Square has brought new life to Hettinger’s downtown. With the trees trimmed and a whole new look, the square will be an even bigger space to host great Hettinger events.