Downtown building to be revived

The old Movies ‘N’ More waits to be renovated for bigger and brighter possibilities. (Photo: Frank Turner)

The Adams County Development Corporation and the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce pooled their minds and money together and are looking to buy a building in the heart of downtown.

Frank Turner

The building in question, locally known as the old Movies ‘N’ More, is located next to the Community Promotions Office. The new space will be transformed into a new community center. Both ACDC and the Hettinger Chamber hope to use the space for hosting events, giving a useful community space closer to downtown businesses. Jasmin Fosheim, Executive Director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and Adams County Development Corporation said, “The space will expand the current events already in place like Sunday Fun-Day, Lunch and Learn, and Empowering Leaders. We are looking to expand those programs and this building is exactly what we need. It also has the potential to be used as a temporary space for new businesses that need a space to get started.” Fosheim expressed that the new building, which is yet to be named, will be multi-functional and evolve over time.

Although the possibilities are exciting, the building will need many renovations before it is up and running. Since Movies ‘N’ More closed, the building has sat unoccupied for many years. Fosheim continued, “It will be a process to get the building renovated. We plan on applying for grant funding to renovate the space.”

John Rickertsen, president of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce, said, “The building is in good condition, but it’s a shell.” Even though the building requires renovation, the visions for the finished project are forward thinking and exciting. Rickertsen continued, “We also hope to apply for grant funding that will allow us to equip the new building with the proper technology for distance learning and remote video and audio for conferencing. This will allow businesses, students, and members of the community to connect with other communities effectively.“

Fosheim also voiced her appreciation for the former owners of the building that sold it to both the Hettinger Chamber and ACDC. Darin Seamands, one of the four former owners of the building, spoke on behalf of the other owners saying, “We are all very community minded and most of us are Hettinger raised. We wanted something in that building and we wanted it to be successful. When approached by ACDC and The Chamber we thought, what better group to help in this process. In the past, some of us had participated in those exact community boards and it seemed like a good fit.”

If all goes according to plan, the building is to be purchased before the end of the month. The new building will be a permanent space for both ACDC and the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce to use flexibly for the community’s benefit. All parties involved are excited about the possibilities this space will offer the Hettinger Community.

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