RZ Motors campaign fought hunger

RZ Motors employees fill the bed of a pickup with locally donated canned foods. (Photo: Frank Turner)

With the holidays fast approaching, RZ Motor’s campaign to fight hunger in Hettinger came to a close with successful results.

Frank Turner

Over the month of October, RZ Motors encouraged the local community to donate food for its second annual food drive. Anyone who brought four canned goods was entered into a drawing for hunting related prizes, including a brand-new shotgun from Runnings. To entice individuals to donate, RZ Motors gave deals on oil changes for those who donated canned goods. In addition to the canned goods, RZ Motors also donated money for each car sale in the month.

RZ Motors’ owner, Kortney Kindsfater, also setup a booth at the farm and home show, and took the prizes to the event. “We wanted to allow people to bring their canned goods in that show or some people brought cash, which 5$ would be the equivalent of four canned goods.”

In total, the food drive raised a sizable donation towards the Adams County Food Pantry. In addition to the money, the staff of RZ Motors was able to fill an entire pick-up truck of canned food to donate as well. Ryan Jacobson, an employee of RZ Motors said, “It was a great success. With the holiday season coming up, we just want to make sure people can eat.” If you missed out on donating this October, don’t worry. The food drive is something that RZ Motors looks forward to doing every year.

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