Scuffy’s Veterans Day meal

100 years ago, on November 11, 1918, soldiers laid down their arms, ending the First World War. Today we call this day Veterans Day, and to celebrate the 100th anniversary, people across the country rang church bells to honor our veterans.

Frank Turner

Even though not everyone has church bells to ring in Adams County, some still found great ways to honor those who have fought for our country.

For the fourth year in a row, Scruffy’s thanked veterans for their service by offering a free meal for all veterans. So what started this amazing tradition? Scruffy’s owner, Jodi Larson said, “I have seen other communities and businesses honor Veterans Day in similar ways, and it was something I always wanted to do.” The event lasted from 11AM – 8 PM on November 9th.  Larson continued, “Usually about 15-20 veterans show up with their families. It’s a nice way to provide a good service for veterans.”

Veterans have provided a monumental service to us all. It’s the small services that we can all provide in return that make Veterans Day such an impactful holiday. To all veterans, thank you for your service.