West River Ducks Unlimited Dinner

On November 8th, hunters and avid conservationists gathered at the Ducks Unlimited dinner at the Armory for a prime rib dinner and the chance to win guns and other prizes.

Frank Turner

Ducks Unlimited is a foundation started by hunters in the 1930’s Dust Bowl era to protect wetlands and waterfowl. Their conservation mission is one that local hunters have been celebrating since the late 1970’s when the local West River Ducks Unlimited chapter was started. It’s been a message local hunters and conservationists have emphatically support since.

According to Loren Luckow, the banquet chairman, roughly 95 people registered and showed for a chance to win one of the 8 guns and other prizes given away that night. Through the night, supporters of the event were able to play dice games, card games, and even corn hole to enter raffles for the prizes. Collin Blade, store manager of Runnings, attended the banquet and said, “Personally, I’m not a fan of duck hunting, however I do enjoy the comradery of the Ducks Unlimited event.” Collin was not lucky enough to win a gun at the event this time, but said he does like to support local events and believes in the cause.

For those who didn’t win a gun, it’s all right. The banquet is an annual event and is always scheduled one week before the opening day of the North Dakota deer-hunting season. So if you didn’t win, there’s always next year.

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