West River Vet Clinic welcomes new veterinarian

Is your best feline friend having a cat-astrophe? Fear not, because the new vet in town, Dr. David Lensing, is here to help.

Frank Turner

Dr. David Lensing is from small town Minnesota and went to vet school at Kansas State University. After finishing vet school, Lensing moved back to his home in central, rural Minnesota for thirteen years.   

Lensing’s passion for animal care started on his family’s dairy farm. “When I was young, the vets always would come out to the farm and I always had to see what they were doing. I would write down questions for them and they were always generous enough to answer,” he said. Since, his passion for animal care has grown into a 14-year career as a licensed vet.

West River Vet Clinic provides a good environment for Lensing to practice on both small and large animals. Lensing said, “Historically I worked mostly with large animal dairy cows over the last thirteen years, but now I’m more small animal work here, which is fun.”

Thirteen years is a long time to be doing anything, so I had to ask him, “What is the craziest thing you have ever seen as a vet?” Lensing paused, and said, “Probably one of the most interesting and strangest things I’ve ever seen was when we performed a c-section on a cow and pulled out conjoined twins. The baby calf had two heads split halfway down the neck and the animal was split again at the hips. The animal had one body, seven legs, and eight feet. I’ve talked to a lot of other vets and no one has ever seen that before.”

So what attracted Lensing to North Dakota? Great pheasant and deer hunting may have played a role. “The hunting and the people I met in Bowman was what really drew me in. I started coming out to Bowman for bow hunting or pheasant hunting, and I got to know a family out there and we became close family friends. I kept coming out hunting and eventually met Dr. Johnson out in the fields while they were working the cows and I was pheasant hunting. I asked him a couple questions about beef cows and we got to talking.  It turned out that the West River Vet Clinic was looking for help and I was looking for a new job, so yeah, that’s how I ended up in south west North Dakota.” Hettinger will be a good fit for someone who loves hunting, the country, and good healthcare.

Lensing has been practicing at the West River Vet Clinic since September 1st and it looks like he is here to stay. So what’s his favorite part of Hettinger? Lensing earnestly replied, “The community and the people have been really great. West River Vet Clinic has also been really supportive. They have a great facility and even better staff.” Dr. Lensing will be a welcomed addition to Hettinger’s strong community and vet clinic.

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