New Executive Coordinator dives right in

Jess Alice Coreau-Holler (left) and Jasmin Fosheim (right) work diligently in the Community Promotions Office. (Photo: Frank Turner)

Don’t be surprised if a new face greets you at the door of the community promotions office. Jess Alice Coreau-Holler is the new executive coordinator for the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce, the Adams County Development Corporation, and the Dakota Buttes Visitors Council.

Frank Turner

Previously the dance teacher of the town for nearly five years, Coreau-Holler decided to change course to a more administrative job.

“I was very excited when this position opened and I thought I was a good fit for it,” Coreau-Holler said, “I really liked the vision that Jasmin Fosheim had. I saw what her ideas were and how she was rebranding the image of Hettinger. This town has a great culture and authentic feel, and I want to help celebrate what makes Hettinger unique. I just wanted to be a part of that.”

Coreau-Holler moved from Wyoming with her family and has lived in Hettinger for nearly 6 years. Although the new executive coordinator isn’t exactly new to Hettinger, she thinks can still bring some new ideas to the table.

Coreau-Holler said, “Although I was known as a dance teacher by the Hettinger community, I have a strong business background actually. I have run a children’s store, I have a sales background, and I worked in the navy. A lot of my work in the navy was a lot of the same type of work. This job is really reaching way back to my professional roots in the service.” 

According to Jasmin Fosheim, Executive Director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Development Corporation, the new executive coordinator will be in charge of managing the financials for three organizations. The new executive coordinator will also be expected to help organize public events, manage social media accounts, record minutes at meetings, and be the public face of the community promotions office. It seems nearly everyone, including Fosheim, is excited to have the much-needed community position filled once again.

“Executive coordinator is a big position with a lot of responsibility, and we are hoping to make the position more leadership oriented,” Fosheim said, “Overall, I’m excited to have Jess’s energy and innovative ideas in the office.”

Coreau-Holler has started in her new position and is excited to help the Hettinger community live up to its slogan, “Love the Place You Live.”