Our house; In the middle of the street

On Highway 22 north of Reeder, a driver, hauling a trailer though Adams County, had an unexpected accident around mile marker 25. 

Frank Turner

As the driver was traveling south from Dickinson to Dallas, Texas, 2 axles gave out on the trailer pulling the house. According to Andy Roehl, a local sheriff’s deputy, both the house and trailer dropped right onto the road and grinded to a halt.

“I’d say the house skid a good 200 feet,” said Roehl, “it looked rough.”

The house carved up the asphalt, leaving a small gash in the road. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

Roehl, the first one on the scene, redirected traffic for over six hours.

“East End Auto came down from Dickinson and was able to lift the house and re-weld the axles back onto the trailer, right on the spot,” said Roehl.

The Department of Transportation has since cleaned the chunks of asphalt the house dug out of the road. The road is still functional, however, when the road will be repaired has not been decided.