Sun Shines in Downtown Hettinger

If you are looking for a new hairstyle, you’re in luck. Allison Clausen is opening the Solar Flair Hair Studio, adding another new business to downtown Hettinger. Clausen grew up in Hettinger, and eventually moved to the Bloomington, Illinois where she graduated from the Midwest College of Cosmetology.

Frank Turner

After graduating in 2004, she moved to Mobridge to cut hair. Now with 15 years of hair cutting experience, she is moving back to her home to reconnect with family and friends.

My sister lives here in Hettinger and she was trying to convince me to move here for years. I came back for the Tanner Strand memorial hunt, and seeing my friends and family made it feel like home. That was the moment I decided it was time to come back. In my heart, Hettinger is home.”

After 15 years of hair styling, Clausen is a skillful haircutter, doing kid’s, men’s, and woman’s hair cuts.

“I love everything about haircutting. Cutting, hair coloring, waxing, I do it all… except nails, those aren’t my thing.”

The new Solar Flair Hair Studio location and sign. (Frank Turner)

A lot has changed since Clausen has been in Hettinger. There are now weekly events like bingo, volleyball, darts, basketball, and even water aerobics. Clausen said she is excited to be more involved in community.

“I look forward to checking out the wellness center. One of my nephews is in 4-H, and I’m excited to be a part of their lives more. I’m also excited to get to know and work with people. For instance, there are people in Hettinger that know my parents, who I don’t know.”

Look to the old Main Street Cuts building across from the Peacock Mercantile and KMM for the new Solar Flair Hair Studio. A bright, yellow sign will guide the way. The floral design on the sign even holds special meaning to Clausen.

“My shop sign design is actually a Manipura, which is a Sanskrit word meaning shining gem.” 

Clausen has also found deeper meaning in both the name of her business and in her craft.

“I got the name Solar Flair from the sun. I love everything about sunsets. We all have an energy center in our body called the solar plexus above the navel, and that is a source of confidence, creativity, and self worth. The Manipura, which symbolizes the solar plexus, is vivid and yellow and is like a ray of sunshine that lights you up with a glow of self-confidence,” said Clausen.

”I feel it’s important that when I do hair, I instill confidence in people. I feel it’s important to make people feel important. I also think of myself as a speaker of positivity and like to look at the glass half full.” 

If you look forward to meeting Clausen or getting a new hairstyle, keep your eyes open. Depending on state approval, the hair salon should be open sometime mid December and interested individuals can message Clausen on Facebook to join her call list.