A fir you won’t forget

Alongstanding Christmas tradition still stands in the Gate City Bank for the holidays. Charitable people all across Adams County will get a chance to give a gift to someone who needs it this Christmas. The Angel Tree, previously known as the Giving Tree, has been an ongoing tradition in the community for over twenty years.

Frank Turner

Originally started by the Hettinger Woman of Today group, the Angel Tree is a constant reminder of the strong, charitable Adams County community. Throughout the years the tradition has switched hands many times, and this year the Adams County Social Services Office and National Mutual Benefit are working together to keep the tradition alive.

When people are in the giving spirit they can grab an ornament from the Angel Tree. Each ornament on the tree has an anonymous description of a person who could use a helping hand over the holidays. The person who takes the ornament can then give a gift. Social Services will distribute that gift to the anonymously listed person. 

According to Lisa Hanson, an eligibility worker at Social Services, there are 117 ornaments available on the tree.

“People and businesses are even welcome to ‘adopt’ and provide gifts for entire families if they want. All we ask is that the gift is in good quality and is equal to or greater than ten dollars in value,” said Hanson.

And don’t worry about giving any unwanted gifts. Every tag has a suggested item and everyone anonymously listed on the tree knows they are a part of the event. The suggested items can be as simple as books for a young boy, or Chamber Bucks for the family.

The tree was just put up in Gate City Bank, so there are plenty of ornaments left. Once people have purchased their gifts, they have until December 14th to drop them off at the Social Services Office to be distributed to the recipients.