Hat Tips

Hello, I’ve always been pretty lucky.  At least that’s what Dad says.  And I realize that more than ever today.

On Friday, I had one of those phone calls that you dream of.  I was a winner!  A big winner.  I had a phone call from, listen to this, a phone call from Publishers Clearing House!  I was their grand prizewinner!

Guest Columnist

I was a little skeptical at first.  But I’m sure it was a legitimate call.  The accent definitely was not from North Dakota.  And I know their headquarters is not in either North or South Dakota.

The caller asked if I was Mr. Dean Meyer.  I assured him that I was.  He explained he had some good news for me.  “Mr. Meyer, you are Publisher Clearing House’s grand prize winner.  You have won $8.5 million dollars and a Mercedes-Benz automobile.”

I am a rather humble person, but I could hardly contain my joy.  I began screaming for Shirley.  “Shirley, Shirley”, I screamed at the top of my lungs.  She didn’t answer right away, so I asked the caller if it would be delivered or if I had to pick it up.

“It will be delivered”, he assured me.  “But…”

Before he could go any further, I began to thank him profusely (is that a word), and said, “I’ve got to go.  I have to tell my wife about our wonderful fortune!”

He was still explaining the “but”, when I cut him off, thanking him and Publishers Clearing House again.

As of this writing, neither the check nor the car have been delivered, but the weather has been hard on delivery service the past few days.  Snow to the south.  Fog and ice to the north.  There have been numerous wrecks on Highway 22 and on the Interstate.  And I don’t want my new car banged up before I even have a chance to drive it.  And the mail has been a little hit and miss the past couple years. 

I will have to tell you, if that check comes in the next week, this may be the last weekly column that I write.  I plan on traveling a bit.  I’ve gone south quite often, but Shirley insists that going south to Reva, SD does not constitute a winter vacation.

On a side note, this morning on the news, they were warning of senior citizens falling for phone scams during the holiday season.  Beware out there you non-believers.

Later, Dean