Main Street tree has a new sparkle

(Left) The old Main Street Tree had a lighting setup that some said looked unfinished, as it turned out it was a technical problem with the lights. (Right) The new lighting set to dazzle. (Photo by Frank Turner)

People may have noticed, while driving down Main Street, that the Christmas tree has been looking a little odd lately. For the past few weeks, the Christmas tree has been only partially lit with rings of light. Thankfully, the tree now has a new glow.

Frank Turner

Normally when Christmas lights go out, every following light also goes dark. However, the tree this year had every other light go out to make a strange ringed pattern on the tree.

“We have no idea how that happened,” said Jasmin Fosheim, the executive director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and Adams County Development Corporation. “An MDU electrician, Steve Turner, fixed fuses, put in new light bulbs, put in new extension cords, and even rearranged the lights. He tried everything.”

The Christmas tree was a true mystery. At the start of the Wake Up Santa parade, the tree worked fine for ten minutes and then a middle section went dark.

“I think we spent over twenty hours of work on the tree between driving to Bismarck for the tree, putting it up, and getting lights on its braches,” said Fosheim.

After many hours of work, many helping hands, and brand new Christmas lights, Turner was able to restring the tree and fix it to its truly lit state. Fosheim was ecstatic to see the tree back to working correctly.

“Thankfully we had a donor gift us about $500 of Christmas lights and Runnings gave us a great deal on the rest,” said Fosheim.

“I just hope that people realize how much work is put into making the tree available in our community. It takes countless volunteers and lots of work. A big thanks to Steve Turner for all the work he put into the tree. The Stippichs donated the gravel, brought the tree stand, and provided equipment to lift the tree. Also the Lindquist brothers and John Rickertsen helped put up the tree, so a big thanks to them too. And thanks to RZ motors for getting the tree from Bismarck.”

Since the tree has been fixed, the response has been notable. On the Hettinger Community Face Book page, someone posted, “I was thrilled to see the new lights on the Main Street tree tonight ~ they are so beautiful!” and received many responses. People from Hettinger are thrilled to have the tree fully aglow for a truly unique Hettinger Christmas experience.