Students attend 10th annual Belfield Ag Day

On December 1st, six Hettinger students attended the 10th Annual Belfield Ag Day.   Kyler Curtis, Savanah Hubberd, Cassie Kindsfater, Naomi Salazar, Kaden Schauer, and Grace Wolff hit the road with Mrs. Schauer before the sun came up on Friday morning. 

After arriving at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Belfield, over 115 eighth and ninth grade students and 40 guides were split into ‘Toy Story’ groups.  Students then attended sessions throughout the day with a short lunch break.  Sessions consisted of ‘Leadership’ with the North Dakota State FFA Officers, woodworking –candleholders ( Belfield and New England Ag students),

Wild Life Conservation (Game and Fish Department), Dickinson State University – Agricultural Topics (Chip Poland), Food Science (Bowman Ag Students), Hippology (Dickinson Ag Students), Range Judging (New England Ag Students), and planting flowers (Belfield Ag Students). 

Students interacted and got to know their group members quite well as they learned about Agriculture, lead one another around cones blindfolded, played leadership games,  and most of all had a lot of fun. A huge thank you to the Belfield Ag Department for hosting this wonderful event for 10 years.