ACDC and Hettinger Chamber release annual report

As the New Year approaches, people like to reflect on their accomplishments and set New Years resolutions. This was no different for the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Development Corporation as the 2018 Annual Report was just released to the public. In the report, both organizations reflected on what they did to foster economic growth for the community and what their continued goals are for next year.

Frank Turner

Specifically, The Adams County Development Corporation, or ACDC, is an industrial development organization under contract with the Adams County that looks to provide assistance to new and existing businesses in the area. The corporation encourages growth in the community through allocating grants, promoting tourism, and supporting professional and business events.

Melana Howe, president of the Adams County Development Corporation said, “In the last year, went back to our beginnings and tried to envision what everyone was thinking when ACDC was first set up. We then updated our bylaws and cleared up what our responsibilities and directives are. It may seem like minor stuff, but it was huge.”

One major accomplishment ACDC was able to achieve this year was the beginning of the bowling alley revival. Earlier in the year, ACDC applied for and was granted a $28,000 grant to study the feasibility of reopening the bowling alley. ACDC also awarded over $16,000 in grant fund to assist new and existing businesses.

In the last year, the Hettinger Chamber worked to promote and support Hettinger businesses and sponsor events to increase tourism. The local chamber office was awarded $24,500 in grant funds to go towards a Hettinger app and to hire Brynn Honeyman as a marketing intern. Along with the new rTown app, the Hettinger Chamber also reworked the town’s website to make it a more user-friendly experience and to highlight the employment opportunities in Hettinger.

At this year’s events, people were playing corn hole, giant jenga, and giant chess. The Hettinger Chamber provided these games, along with many others, with an AARP grant for lawn and outdoor games. The chamber was also awarded a $2,000 technology grant for the purchase of a projector and screen to use at events and meetings.

“Our big step forward this year was with our vision of hiring the Executive Director position that Jasmin Fosheim is in. We wanted the two positions at the Community Promotions Office to be more than just events planners. We wanted someone to have the time to get grants that are available for community improvement,” said John Rickertsen, president of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce. 

The Hettinger Chamber also won the 2018 Governor’s Choice Community Development project of the Year Award for Helping Hettinger Day. The award-winning event attracted over 150 volunteers and succeeded in planting over 50 new trees, building twenty new benches, and painting nine new cross walks along Main Street.

Rickertsen continued, “Helping Hettinger Day was just a huge success. We just want to keep that momentum moving forward.”

Together, both the Hettinger Chamber and ACDC have achieved a lot this year. Both organizations purchased the old Movies ‘N” More to transform it into a new community technology center. In total, both organizations applied for and received over $64,000 in grant awards and donations to be used to improve Hettinger.

With these two organizations, there is a lot to look forward to. In 2019, the organizations look to continue developing the town. Their forward-looking plans involve renovating and equipping the new community technology center and exploring more options for the bowling alley. The organizations are also creating a new event in 2019 called Buffalo Fest as a way to great way to attract more people to Hettinger and celebrate our town’s buffalo-rich history. The 2018 annual report is available at the Community Promotions Office and available to the public.