Hettinger lagoon is leaking water

Cell #3 in the Hettinger lagoon is leaking water. In last week’s city council meeting, the council met with two Engineers from Brosz Engineering to discuss the lagoon.

Frank Turner

The results of an American Engineering and Testing report revealed that cell #3 has little to no clay and, therefore, is steadily leaking water and will need repairs. The golf course pulls water out of cell #3 to water their green.

Mayor Shawn Hanna commented, “We have a leak and we are trying to figure out the best cost effective way to fix it. Right now we are having a crew doing some tests and finding out a solution that won’t bankrupt the city.”

Brosz Engineering provided two options for the repair of cell #3. Either a Clay Liner or a Geo-Liner will be implemented to retain the leaking water. The Clay Liner option has an estimated cost of $545,000 and the Geo-Liner has an estimated cost of $434,750.

“We are looking for a solution in the not too distant future. If we don’t get something done, there will be a situation,” the mayor continued.

During the city meeting, the council carried a motion to hire Brosz Engineering to develop a plan to repair cell #3. The council also did their best to reduce the costs associated with repairing the lagoon. Brosz Engineering is researching several low-interest loan programs for the project and submitting an application to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund for potential financial assistance.

As more options are explored, time progresses, and more information is released, this article will be updated.