A Visit from The Philippines

The Philippines culture and food style are different from our American culture, even though they are a territory of America.

Gryphon Smith

The Philippines is heavily influenced by China for they traded with them back during the early days. So many foods they eat might be rice or even noodle related. Their manners are very polite and courteous for they are cooking for their loved ones (family) for each meal.  They also highly honor guests during mealtime. They eat five meals a day. Their culture is also heavily influenced by eastern ideals like Feng Shui, which is the belief of setting a room in a certain way to keep the bad out.  Our Cultures and Cuisines Class was honored with the guest of Paul Salazar who shared a traditional noodle entre that is served at most birthdays in the Philippines.  He spent over 3 hours preparing this dish for us to enjoy.  His knowledge in the kitchen and his country was enlightening and interesting.  Thank you Paul for sharing your time with our class!