Gooseneck Implement comes to talk to Hettinger Students

Hettinger JH and HS students had the opportunity to attend the Gooseneck Implement Presentation by Dan Stadick on Thursday, December 13, 2018.  Over 20 students benefited from his presentation. 

Miami Pekas

Mr. Stadick came down from the Minot location to inform our students about Gooseneck Implements and the John Deere Programs available across the nation. Five of the thirteen Gooseneck Implement Dealerships are located in southwest North Dakota including: Bowman, Dickinson, Elgin, Beach and Lemmon, SD.  Gooseneck Implement bought out Dakota Farms and has also partnered with John Deere over the years. History fact: john Deere was founded in 1837 and partnered with Waterloo Boys in 1918, making it a 100-year-old partnership.

Mr. Stadick presented the multitude of job opportunities available through Gooseneck Implement and John Deere from internships to full-time positions. Many jobs require a high school diploma, while others a higher education.  Jobs are even available for high school students. NDSCS (North Dakota State College of Science-Wahpeton) offers a John Deere Program, which is partnered with Gooseneck Implement. The diesel program been ranked first in the nation for its teachers and program for the past 3 years.  One must be sponsored by a dealership to be accepted into this program. This is a 2-year program with a guarantee placement after graduation.  Even more, your sponsorship company will reimburse total tuition over the next four years of employment, which comes to $12,000-$13,000. 

Upon graduation, Gooseneck Implement dealerships pay first year employees $16/hr, second year – $17/hr, not including overtime.  It is not uncommon to have a seasoned diesel technician making well over $100,000/year.  Gooseneck Implement highly encourages students to take advantage of job shadows in high school to see what will best fit their interests. With the world growing rapidly, by 2050, us agriculturalists need to produce 50% increase food production. A huge thank you to Mr. Dan Stadick for a wonderful presentation in providing our students the knowledge to a great pathway.