New projectors bring new possibilities

Hetti Cekalla uses the new projector to present at the Hettinger Chamber’s Lunch & Learn . (Photo by Frank Turner)

The Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and the City of Hettinger are buying new projectors. The Hettinger Chamber of Commerce debuted their new projector at this week’s Lunch & Learn.

Frank Turner

There, people from the community were welcome to eat a provided lunch and listen to a business-focused presentation from a guest speaker. This week Hetti Cekalla used the new projector for her “Keep ‘Em Happy: Customer Service” presentation.

“The projector is great because we can really create a professional atmosphere for guest presenters,” said Jasmin Fosheim, the executive director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and Adams County Development Corporation. “Lunch & Learn is just one of the many ways that we can use the projector. It also has potential use for outdoor events and movies.” 

The roughly $1,800 projector the Hettinger Chamber purchased was paid in full through a Midco Foundation grant the chamber was awarded earlier in the year.

The City of Hettinger also decided to buy another similar projector for specific use in the Armory.

“It’s one of the upgrades we are doing for the Armory,” said James Lindquist, a city council member.

The projector is part of a broader restoration project for the Armory. The Armory has already had some improvements through the restoration project. The gym in the Armory was equipped with new noise canceling foam boards. The entryway to the building was also renovated, as well as some of the conference rooms. The end goal is to better equip the community and attract more people to use the available Armory space.

“It’s for events, so if someone wants to rent out the Armory for meetings or a movie night, they will also have a projector to use,” Lindquist continued.

Right now, the Armory is available to the community for multiple uses. The gym is used throughout the year for events and sports clubs, and the conference rooms are open to rent for meetings. The addition of a new projector adds to the endless possibilities the Armory offers Hettinger.