7th grade FACS is ready for a long winter nap

(Submitted Photo)

Just in time for Christmas, the first semester seventh grade FACS class have finished their pillowcase projects. For the past few weeks, the seventh graders have gone through many ups and downs, but have finish their projects beautifully.

Olivia Havelka
For The Record

The most important part of this project was learning the basics of sewing. When doing this, the students learned the parts of a sewing machine, tools used when sewing, and how to use these items. After reviewing for a few days and sewing smaller pieces together, they were ready for a test and to start making the pillow.

The next step to this project was to pick out fabric at the Buffalo Creek Quilt Shop. The students needed to pick out three different patterns of fabric; one for the cuff, one for the accent, and one for the body. The student picked out many different patterns, some hunting themed, others that will match their rooms, and more that simply fit the students’ interests.

A few days later, the fabric came to the school. The students spent the next several class periods ironing and cutting their fabric. In Julia Dalley’s opinion, this was the easiest part of the project. Next, they lined up the fabric to make a sausage roll. The sewed one edge, and then pulled out the “intestines”. After that, the fabric was cut again and two edges of the pillow were sewn.

The pillow looked completed, but it was not. The last step was to make a French seam. This, in many students’ opinions, was the hardest part of this project, because the patience level was hard to keep down. While the pillow was inside out, the students had to roll the seam outwards and iron it, sew the edge of the pillow, flip it around, and roll and iron it again. After this, the project was completed.

The seventh grades had a very fun time and learned a lot during this project. Now, if you don’t mind, it’s time for us to hit the hay.