2019 Hettinger Wrestling Classic


Night Hawk wrestler on top of his game at the Night Hawk Classic. (Submitted Photo)

After winning the past two Night Hawk Classic wrestling tournaments and six of the last seven,          Moorcroft, WY, was dethroned by New Salem-Almont.  The Holsteins earned 357 points to the Moorcroft’s 266. 

Sheldon Christenson
For the record

The Night Hawks finished third with 233.5 followed by Bowman-Beach 223.5, Miles City 202, Killdeer 197 and Linton-HMB with 123.  There were 18 teams in the tourney.  New Salem-Almont brought a strong contingent of 24 wrestlers and had a wrestler in all 14 divisions with more than one in a few divisions.  Of course, only one wrestler in each weight class could score team points and all 14 wrestlers scored points for the Holsteins.   

The Night Hawks did not have a wrestler in five of the 14 weight classes.  Kyle Burwick was the lone champion for the Night Hawks and earned the most valuable award for the lower weights.  The Holsteins crowned five champs and Killdeer had three.  Clayton Mattern at 170 and Beau Jeffers at 220 were champs for Bowman-Beach.

Four freshmen for the Night Hawks had strong performances as Conner Andress finished second and Peyton Tuhy, Gavin Dalley and Cade Warbis all finished third.

Results for Hettinger-Scranton-Bison (HSB):

106: Peyton Tuhy’s place is 3rd and scored 30.5 team points.

Round 1 – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) over Benett Carlson (Dickinson) (Fall 3:48)

Round 2 – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) over Jacob Shurtliff (Miles City) (TF 17-0)

Round 3 – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) over Sean Buckmiller (Moorcroft) (Fall 1:58)

Round 4 – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) received a bye

Round 5 – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) over Wyatt Engwicht (New Salem-A.) (Fall 2:35)

Semifinal – Gus Bombach (Killdeer) over Peyton Tuhy (HSB) (Dec 16-12)

3rd Place – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) over Wyatt Engwicht (New Salem-A.) (Fall 1:23)

106:  Jeran Frank’s place is 12th and scored 0.0 team points.

Round 1 – Cole Gerhardt (New Salem-A.) over Jeran Frank (HSB) (TF 18-2)

Round 2 – Ethan Maier (New Salem-A.) over Jeran Frank (HSB) (Maj 14-4)

Round 3 – Cade Martian (Bowman-Beach) over Jeran Frank (HSB) (TF 16-0)

Round 4 – Gus Bombach (Killdeer) over Jeran Frank (HSB) (Maj 14-1)

Round 5 – Jeran Frank (HSB) received a bye

113:  Tanner Defoe’s place is 5th and scored 22.0 team points.

Round 1 – Tanner Defoe (HSB) over Teegan Miller (Baker) (Fall 5:55)

Round 2 – Cody Irwin (New Salem-A.) over Tanner Defoe (HSB) (Fall 2:40)

Round 3 – Mica Herrera (Moorcroft) over Tanner Defoe (HSB) (Fall 3:55)

Round 4 – Tanner Defoe (HSB) over Seth Mcdowell (Broadus) (Fall 0:54)

Round 5 – Tanner Defoe (HSB) over Draven Watts (Dickinson) (Fall 1:27)

Cons. Semi – Tanner Defoe (HSB) over Tyzer Isenberger (Moorcroft) (Dec 5-2)

5th Place Match – Tanner Defoe (HSB) over Teegan Miller (Baker) (Fall 2:58)

113:  Gavin Dalley’s place is 3rd and scored 27.0 team points.

Round 1 – Gavin Dalley (HSB) over Riley Doll (New Salem-A.) (Dec 4-2)

Round 2 – Gavin Dalley (HSB) over Tyzer Isenberger (Moorcroft) (Dec 10-4)

Round 3 – Gavin Dalley (HSB) over Derrick Handeland (Kenmare-Bow.) (Fall 1:47)

Round 4 – Gavin Dalley (HSB) over Cody Simmons (Killdeer) (Fall 2:56)

Rd 5 – Gavin Dalley (HSB) won by med. forfeit over Braxton Scheeler (Miles City) (MFF)

Semifinal – Cody Irwin (New Salem-A.) over Gavin Dalley (HSB) (Dec 7-1)

3rd Place Match – Gavin Dalley (HSB) over Riley Doll (New Salem-A.) (Dec 3-0)

120:  Conner Andress’s place is 2nd and scored 31.0 team points.

Round 1 – Conner Andress (HSB) over Devin Messer (Dickinson) (Fall 0:23)

Round 2 – Conner Andress (HSB) received a bye

Round 3 – Conner Andress (HSB) over Nathaniel Geestman (Linton-HMB) (Fall 1:42)

Round 4 – Conner Andress (HSB) over Kadon Tomac (New Salem-A.) (Fall 1:22)

Round 5 – Conner Andress (HSB) over Maverick Ford (Kenmare-Bow.) (Maj 16-5)

Semifinal – Conner Andress (HSB) over Kolby Sperry (Bowman-Beach) (Dec 7-1)

1st Place – Clay Gerhardt (New Salem-A.) over Conner Andress (HSB) (Fall 3:15)

126:  Kyle Burwick’s place is 1st and scored 39.5 team points.

Round 1 – Kyle Burwick (HSB) over Tayson Jones (Faith) (Fall 0:58)

Round 2 – Kyle Burwick (HSB) received a bye

Round 3 – Kyle Burwick (HSB) over Tyler Graf (Moorcroft) (Fall 1:41)

Round 4 – Kyle Burwick (HSB) received a bye

Round 5 – Kyle Burwick (HSB) over Warrick Morel (Dickinson) (Fall 1:47)

Semifinal – Kyle Burwick (HSB) over Lloyd Oneill (Moorcroft) (Fall 1:22)

1st Place – Kyle Burwick (HSB) over Chandler Nagel (Linton-HMB) (TF 21-6)

132:  Cade Warbis’s place is 3rd and scored 27.0 team points.

Round 1 – Cade Warbis (HSB) over Kaden Selle (Dickinson) (Fall 2:24)

Round 2 – Cade Warbis (HSB) over Dalton Lecoe (Baker) (Fall 4:48)

Round 3 – Cade Warbis (HSB) received a bye

Round 4 – Cade Warbis (HSB) over Jesse Winterberg (McLaughlin) (Fall 1:55)

Round 5 – Damian Leidholt (Miles City) over Cade Warbis (HSB) (Fall 1:19)

Semifinal – Tayt Wolding (New Salem-A.) over Cade Warbis (HSB) (Fall 0:52)

3rd Place Match – Cade Warbis (HSB) over Caleb Cook (Moorcroft) (Fall 4:24)

145:  Ezra Weichmann’s place is 4th and scored 18.5 team points.

Round 1 – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) over Bruce Higbee (Baker) (Fall 1:34)

Round 2 – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) Payton Witt (Kenmare-Bowbells) (SV-1 3-1)

Round 3 – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) received a bye

Round 4 – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) overTroy Amsden (Broadus) (TF 17-0)

Rd 5 – Chauncey Dittus (New Salem-A.) over Ezra Weichmann (HSB) (Fall 0:23)

Semifinal – Dylan Tabor (Killdeer) over Ezra Weichmann (HSB) (Fall 5:49)

3rd Place – Kaid Campbell (Miles City) over Ezra Weichmann (HSB) (Dec 9-6)

152:  Ty Warbis’s place is 4th and scored 25.0 team points.

Round 1 – Ty Warbis (HSB) over Avery Uecker (Baker) (Fall 2:57)

Round 2 – Ty Warbis (HSB) over Hugh Groves (Faith) (Maj 12-1)

Round 3 – Ty Warbis (HSB) over Donovan Sturtze (Broadus) (Fall 1:57)

Round 4 – Ty Warbis (HSB) over Zach Booth (Dickinson) (Fall 2:32)

Round 5 – Ty Warbis (HSB) over Skyler Ford (Kenmare-Bowbells) (Maj 12-4)

Semifinal – Nate Mcavoy (Miles City) overTy Warbis (HSB) (Dec 9-7)

3rd Place Match – Skyler Ford (Kenmare-Bow.) over Ty Warbis (HSB) (Dec 17-11)

160:  Tristan Pekas’s place is 4th and scored 17.0 team points.

Round 1 – Tristan Pekas (HSB) received a bye

Round 2 – Tristan Pekas (HSB) received a bye

Round 3 – Tristan Pekas (HSB) received a bye

Rd 4 – Tristan Pekas (HSB) won by med. forfeit over Marcos Gallegos (Baker) (MFF)

Round 5 – Zach Andersen (Killdeer) over Tristan Pekas (HSB) (Fall 3:03)

Semifinal – Jacob Ruggles (Bowman-Beach) overTristan Pekas (HSB) (Dec 5-0)

3rd Place Match – Dekken Mayer (Moorcroft) overTristan Pekas (HSB) (Dec 11-9)

195:  Sam Urwiller’s place is 5th and scored 18.0 team points.

Round 1 – Mitch Stuber (Bowman-Beach) over Sam Urwiller (HSB) (Fall 1:32)

Round 2 – Sam Urwiller (HSB) over Keaton Smith (New Salem-A.) (Dec 4-0)

Round 3 – Carlton Turnquist (Alexander) over Sam Urwiller (HSB) (Dec 8-1)

Round 4 – Sam Urwiller (HSB) over Wyatt Raines (Dickinson) (Fall 2:58)

Round 5 – Tyler Harms (Miles City) over Sam Urwiller (HSB) (Fall 1:01)

Cons. Semi – Sam Urwiller (HSB) over Zander Lemon (Dickinson) (Fall 0:58)

5th Place – Sam Urwiller (HSB) over William Graves (McLaughlin) (Fall 1:38)

Some highlights from the Junior Varsity tournament:

– Miles Weichmann placed 1st at 113 and went 3-0

– Jennifer Verdin placed 3rd at 90 and went 1-2

– Ian Arneson placed 1st at 145 and went 2-0