Grand River Roundup

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back on schedule. We had interesting weather this week with freezing rain on Sunday night, a snowstorm on Monday, and temperatures going from 14 below zero Tuesday morning to a high of 45 degrees that afternoon.

Guest Columnist

Most of the rest of the week the temperatures were in 40s.
Last Sunday Henry and Linda Mohagen were in North Dakota celebrating a late Christmas with their family and seminary student Seth and Cassie Moan were going to drive here from Minnesota to have church services at Slim Buttes while Mohagens were gone. Unfortunately, the snowstorm back east prevented them from coming, so Casey gave the sermon Sunday morning. The community Hymn Sing was at Holland Center that evening and the weather was nice for the drive over there. It rained and froze hard while we were in the church and it was tough to get the ice scraped off the windshield so we could see out. The pickup stayed in 4-wheel drive all the way home.
We planned to have our Great Western Cattle Trail meeting at the Heritage Center in Spearfish Monday afternoon after Jim Aplan’s funeral at the Heritage Center that morning, but it was storming so hard that the GWCTA meeting was canceled and Jim Aplan’s funeral was moved to Wednesday. The weather was a little better here than it was in the Hills, so these guys butchered the hamburger cow that morning and hung the beef in the cooler to age a little.
Besides losing Jim Aplan, there were three more deaths in our community. Weslie Schalesky, 76, of Hettinger passed away December 19th. His funeral was December 27 at the Assembly of God Church in Hettinger with burial at the Black Hills National Cemetery that afternoon.
Owen Oleson, 83, of Reeder passed away at the Dorsett Center in Spearfish on January 1st. Owen’s funeral was Monday, January 7th, at Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Reeder and Owen was also buried in the National Cemetery near Sturgis.
Travis James Dupper, 41, of Hettinger, ND, lost his courageous battle with brain cancer on January 2nd. His funeral was also on Monday, January 7th, at the Hettinger High School Gymnasium with internment at the Greenwood Cemetery in Mobridge.
Matt and Lanie and Grandma Missy left early New Years Day for Rochester, MN for little Chantry’s medical appointments at Mayo. Trace stayed here with Amanda and Taz and he and Copper were pretty entertaining together. Reub and I went to Rapid City that afternoon for his back surgery that was scheduled for early January 2nd. The roads were still icy on the way to Rapid so we had to use the 4-wheel drive again.
Dr. Rice did Reub’s surgery at the Black Hills Surgical Hospital, everything went really well and those folks sure treat you nice. I got to stay in the same room with Reub as his “caretaker” and they fed us really well. We stayed down there Wednesday night and they let us come home Thursday afternoon. Reub isn’t supposed to do anything for a week except walk a few minutes every hour and do some stretching exercises while he heals but the pain in his legs was gone as soon as he came out of recovery. He was wishing he’d had this done a couple years ago. Matt, Lanie, Missy, and Chantry got home late Thursday night and we thank God that Chantry got a good report too!
Matt and Lanie and the kids came to visit Friday afternoon to check on Grandpa Reub and then spent the night at Casey and Missy’s to help us cut and wrap the hamburger cow on Saturday. Casey had the wrestlers at the tournament in Hettinger that day and Missy kept all the little people so Matt and Lanie, Taz and Amanda, and Trig could help us cut meat. I ground all the hamburger and Reub helped us all day long. After his surgery he isn’t supposed to lift over ten pounds or bend over, but he got by pretty good just cutting the scraps up to grind into hamburger. We’ve been out of hamburger for a couple weeks, so we were more than ready to fry us up some burgers!
Because of Reub’s surgery and the long day of cutting meat, we missed the wedding of Ty Hotchkiss and Rosie Douglas in Belle Fourche Saturday afternoon, but Taz and Amanda left the kids with Grandma Starla and were able to make it down to the reception at the Cadillac Ranch. It would have been fun to go down there with them and they said there was a really big crowd there to celebrate the wedding of these sweet kids.
Bryce was supposed to start student teaching in Hot Springs this first week in January, but when she went to the school she found out that the English teacher she was supposed to teach under had retired to go back to his ranch to help his father. They asked if she would agree to finish teaching his classes for the rest of the year and get paid to do it. She has already started teaching and this will be a real learning experience for her and the students!
With education in mind, I’ll leave you with this:
These are real notes written by parents in a Tennessee school district: (spellings have been left intact)
*My son is under a doctor’s care and should not take PE today. Please execute him.
*Please exkuce Lisa for being absent she was sick and I had her shot.
*John has been absent because he had two teeth taken out of his face.
*Chris will not be in school cus he has an acre in his side.
*Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He had diarrhea, and his boots leak.