Scruffy’s set to close if not sold

After six years of serving the community, Scruffy’s business owners, Jodi and Anthony Larson will likely close the restaurant by September 2019 if they cannot find a buyer for the establishment.   

Frank Turner

Formerly known as Peppy’s, Jodi and Anthony Larson acquired the family dining establishment in 2012 and started Scruffy’s as a community project to introduce more business into town and revive a vacant building.

Since, Scruffy’s has been a staple in the Hettinger community as a food establishment for over six years. The locally owned restaurant prides itself in its sandwiches, pizzas, shakes, and good service to create a friendly small-town atmosphere.

In an era of chain restaurants like McDonalds, Scruffy provides a truly unique dining experience that can only be found in Hettinger. Scruffy’s is also notable for its tradition of serving free meals to veterans on Veterans Day.

On the bulletin board in Scruffy’s, a note read:

“All of us at Scruffy’s restaurant in Hettinger would like to say thank you for the great support that we have received from Hettinger and the surrounding communities… Owners are motivated to sell the restaurant as they will be pursuing different opportunities by September, 2019…”

When asked about the letter, Jodi Larson replied, “I think I’m ready to move onto something new, I’m just not sure what it will be yet.”

Larson’s original plan for Scruffy’s was to sell the restaurant once renovations were complete and the equipment was updated. Now that renovations are finished, Larson said she is ready to explore new opportunities, although she still wants to be a part of the Hettinger business community.

“I would eventually like to own another small business in town doing something. I’m still trying to figure out what,” she said.

The owners still have a clear emotional connection to the business and the joy that their establishment brought to the town.

“I’m going to miss all the people that come here and the regulars. You get to know them pretty well and what they like to eat,” Jodi said laughing. “I really want the business to sell,” she continued, “I don’t want the restaurant to just sit here.”

Although the restaurant is for sale, Larson maintained that Scruffy’s still thrives as a small business.

“I think Hettinger needs a restaurant specifically for families and a place for people to come together. It’s a great business. We have done well here and every year it keeps getting better and better. It’s a great business for a little family.”

Jodi continued to thank her employees, “I have the most amazing team that I could have had in this businesses. Thankfully, they won’t be far away. Like I said, I’m sticking around.”