Night Hawk girls down killdeer

The Night Hawks hosted a Region 4 dual wrestling quad on January 8 with Bowman Co., Beulah-Hazen and New Salem-Almont. 

Sheldon Christenson
For the record

The Night Hawks opened with a very good New Salem-Almont (NSA) team and jumped out to a 12-0 lead but only won two of the remaining 11 matches.  The Night Hawks gave up 18 points on forfeits.  Four time state champ Night Hawk Kyle Burwick received a forfeit at 132 which brought a few jeers and groans from the crowd.  When they announced the matches at the beginning Burwick was moved up to the 132 weight class to face two time state champ Tayt Wolding.  That was the match many were waiting for.  But when the match came up NSA decided to forfeit to Burwick and moved Wolding up to 138.  I guess Wolding and the NSA coaching staff wanted nothing to do with Burwick.  Night Hawk Peyton Tuhy made a nice and exciting comeback in his match at 106.  Down 3-0 he scored five points late in the match to pull out a 5-3 win.

The Night Hawks went on to down Beulah-Hazen, 57-21, in their second match.  The Miners had lost to Bowman Co. 67-6 in their first match.  Bowman Co. pulled off a mild upset by defeating NSA , 42-37, in their second match.  The key win for Bowman was at 120 as Kolby Sperry pinned Cody Irwin who is ranked #3 at 113.  Since the Night Hawks had previously defeated Bowman Co., that left the top three teams in the region with one loss.

New Salem-Almont 54,      Night Hawks 24,

106: Peyton Tuhy (HETT) over Cole Gerhardt (NSA) (Dec 5-3) 113: Gavin Dalley (HETT) over Cody Irwin (NSA) (Dec 4-2) 120: Conner Andress (HETT) over Kadon Tomac (NSA) (Fall 1:35) 126: Clay Gerhardt (NSA) over Cade Warbis (HETT) (Fall 4:12) 132: Kyle Burwick (HETT) over (NSA) (For.) 138: Tayt Wolding (NSA) over Carlos Martinez (HETT) (Fall 3:41) 145: Ethan Hammons (NSA) over Miles Weichmann (HETT) (Fall 0:58) 152: Chauncey Dittus (NSA) over (HETT) (For.) 160: Josh Irwin (NSA) over Ty Warbis (HETT) (Fall 4:23) 170: Tristan Pekas (HETT) over Tyler Selzler (NSA) (Fall 5:50) 182: Lane Doll (NSA) over (HETT) (Fall 1:05) 195: Isaiah Huus (NSA) over (HETT) (For.) 220: Adam Morman (NSA) over Sam Urwiller (HETT) (Fall 3:31) 285: AJ Heins (NSA) over (HETT) (For.)

Bowman Co 42,  New Salem-Almont 37

106: Cole Gerhardt (NSA) over Cade Martian (BOCO) (Dec 7-3) 113: Kadon Tomac (NSA) over Caleb Sarsland (BOCO) (Fall 0:52) 120: Kolby Sperry (BOCO) over Cody Irwin (NSA) (Fall 4:29) 126: Clay Gerhardt (NSA) over DJ Martian (BOCO) (MD 12-2) 132: Tayt Wolding (NSA) over (BOCO) (For.) 138: Ethan Hammons (NSA) over Caydon Wolbaum (BOCO) (Fall 3:32) 145: Chauncey Dittus (NSA) over Brody Headley (BOCO) (Fall 1:05) 152: Josh Irwin (NSA) over Riley Frieze (BOCO) (Fall 1:43) 160: Jacoby Mattern (BOCO) over Tyler Selzler (NSA) (Fall 1:55) 170: Jacob Ruggles (BOCO) over Lane Doll (NSA) (Fall 4:41) 182: Clayton Mattern (BOCO) over Isaiah Huus (NSA) (Fall 1:54) 195: Mitch Stuber (BOCO) over Keaton Smith (NSA) (Fall 0:55) 220: Beau Jeffers (BOCO) over Adam Morman (NSA) (Fall 1:39) 285: Nate Boehm (BOCO) over AJ Heins (NSA) (Fall 0:24)