Jaycees donate to Community Kicking Cancer organization

Community Kicks Cancer members Arlene Walch and Colette Ahmann receive a $1,500 check from the Jaycees to support those affected by cancer. (Photos: Frank Turner)

“To advocate for the comfort, caring and support of people receiving chemotherapy and or radiation therapy for cancer, meanwhile maintaining their dignity and respect,” is the mission statement for the Community Kicking Cancer non-profit organization.

Frank Turner

At bingo, both Arlene Walch and Colette Ahmann accepted a check from the Jaycees for $1,500 to help Community Kicking Cancer’s goal in supporting individuals with cancer in the Hettinger area.

Brook Schneider’s fifth grade class at the Hettinger Public School also contributed to the organization by making their own blanket to donate.

Community Kicking Cancer director Arlene Walch expressed her gratitude to both the Jaycees and the school.

“The Jaycees are a wonderful organization in that they help people,” said Walch, “And it was so nice, Brook Schneider’s fifth grade class gave us a blanket to give away.” 

According to Walch, the goal of the organization is to provide individuals affected with cancer both handmade comfort blankets and $100 gas cards to assist with travel costs.

“We are all driven about the community,” said Jaycees president Duane Engraf, “We always try to give our money locally.

Although Community Kicking Cancer is associated with the Shields-Selfridge Sportsmen Club, the organization has had considerable impact in Hettinger thanks to both Arlene Walch and Colette Ahmann.

“Between the both of us, we’ve given away about 20 plus blankets in the Hettinger area just this year,” said Walch, “I’m guessing that we have given out close to about 100 blankets since we started in January 2018.” 

The blankets are all handmade by volunteers in the organization. According to Walch, all the money raised in the organization eventually goes to individuals impacted by cancer.

“We usually pick a day to go to my hometown, Shields,” said Walch, “One chairman buys all the fleece, and we take a day to make blankets.”

Even though the organization is based out of Shields, ND, their help has been distributed all throughout surrounding communities in southwestern North Dakota and even into South Dakota. Walch said her inspiration for helping those with cancer was kindled from her time working as a nurse.

“I was working fulltime at the Hettinger Clinic in nursing and just last year I went supplemental,” said Walch. “Working in the hospital we saw all these people diagnosed with cancer. We wanted to help them.”

If people are interested in the organization’s mission to provide support for those in therapy for cancer or suggest someone they know who has cancer to the support organization, they are welcome to contact Arlene Walch or Colette Ahmann.