Moorcroft Mixer Wrestling Tourney

The Night Hawks took part again in the Moorcroft Mixer on Jan. 18-19 and finished fifth out of 19 teams.  Thunder Basin High School, WY, won the tourney with 228.5 points followed by Moorcroft, WY, 188.5, Colstrip, MT, 185, Sheridan Varsity, WY, 146, and the Night Hawks with 133.5 rounded out the top five.  Thirteen teams were from Wyoming, four from Montana and one each from ND and SD.  The Spearfish Spartans JV team was lone SD team and finished sixth with 98 points.

Sheldon Christenson
For the record

The Night Hawks had a good first day with five in the semi-finals, but only Kyle Burwick reached the finals.  At 106 Peyton Tuhy wrestled Krayle Stormer from Circle who comes from a family with a long list of excellent wrestlers.  Stormer is also ranked #1 in Montana’s B-C coaches’ poll at 103.  Tuhy went back and forth with Stormer for the first two periods but Stormer picked up a flurry of points in the final period to win.  Tuhy went on to finish third.  Tuhy defeated Sean Buckmiller in the quarter-finals who is the #1 ranked wrestler at 106 in 2A WY.

At 113 Gavin Dalley had Mica Herrera of Moorcroft who is ranked #1 at 113 in the 2A division of Wyoming.  WY has three divisions, 4A, 3A and 2A.  Dalley lost 7-2 and went on to finish fourth.

At 120 Conner Andress lost by fall to Oakley Blakeman, Spearfish Spartans JV.  Blakeman went on to finish first and Andress finished fifth.

Kyle Burwick was his usual dominant force at 126 as he recorded three falls and a tech. fall in the finals to take first.

The final semi-finalist for the Night Hawks was Ty Warbis at 152 who lost an overtime decision.  Warbis was trailing 9-7 when with a few seconds left he managed a late reversal to tie the score and send the match into overtime.  Warbis went on to finish third.

Eighth grader Tristan Pekas had a tough quarterfinal match in Ty Bradley of Colstrip who is ranked #1 at 160 in Montana’s B-C coaches’ poll.

Moorcroft Mixer-Varsity Results for Hettinger/Scranton/Bison (HSB):

106: Peyton Tuhy (22-9) placed 3rd and scored 23.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) pinned Tyzer Isenberger (Moorcroft) 7-18 (Fall 1:45)

Quarterfinal – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) pinned Sean Buckmiller (Moorcroft) 21-11 (Fall 2:42)

Semifinal – Krayle Stormer (Circle) 23-4 decisioned Peyton Tuhy (HSB) (Dec 14-7)

Cons. Semi – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) pinned Cardon Mickelson (Lovell) 18-8 (Fall 2:48)

3rd Place Match – Peyton Tuhy (HSB) decisioned Colt Welsh (Campbell Co.) 15-8 (MD 18-10)

106: Jeran Frank (8-11) non-scoring wrestler.

Champ. Round 1 – Jeran Frank (HSB) 8-11 received a bye

Champ. Round 2 – Cardon Mickelson (Lovell) 18-8 tech falled Jeran Frank (HSB) (16-0))

Cons. Round 2 – Jeran Frank (HSB) 8-11 received a bye

Cons. Round 3 – Gabe Bland (Sheridan Varsity) 8-14 pinned Jeran Frank (HSB) (Fall 4:24)

113:  Miles Weichmann (7-12) non-scoring wrestler.

Champ. Rd 1 – Garrett Buckalew (Colstrip) 9-5 decisioned Miles Weichmann (HSB) (Dec 5-0)

Cons. Rd 1 – Nick Clemens (Sheridan Varsity) 1-2 decisioned Miles Weichmann (HSB) (Dec 5-4)

113:  Gavin Dalley (25-10) placed 4th and scored 18.0 team points.

Champ. Rd 1 – Gavin Dalley (HSB) pinned Cameron Sanburn (Sheridan Varsity) 0-2 (Fall 1:38)

Quarterfinal – Gavin Dalley (HSB) pinned Jory McFarland (Newcastle) 17-17 (Fall 1:31)

Semifinal – Mica Herrera (Moorcroft) 21-10 decisioned Gavin Dalley (HSB) (Dec 7-2)

Cons. Semi – Gavin Dalley (HSB) pinned Rudy Osborne (Sheridan Varsity) 17-9 (Fall 3:28)

3rd Place – Clayton Donovan (Spearfish JV) 24-12 major decisioned Gavin Dalley (HSB) (10-1)

120:  Conner Andress (23-15) placed 5th and scored 12.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Conner Andress (HSB) received a bye

Quarterfinal – Conner Andress (HSB) pinned Charmayne DeLong (Moorcroft) 11-13 (Fall 3:11)

Semifinal – Oakley Blakeman (Spearfish JV) 25-9 pinned Conner Andress (HSB) (Fall 1:13)

Cons. Semi – Zach Valdez (Colstrip) 25-19 pinned Conner Andress (HSB) 23-15 (Fall 3:48)

5th Place – Conner Andress (HSB) major decisioned Lucas Hill (Campbell Co.) 13-13 (12-3)

126:  Cade Warbis (18-8) non-scoring wrestler placed 5th.

Champ. Round 1 – Cade Warbis (HSB) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 – Cade Warbis (HSB) pinned Lloyd Oneill (Moorcroft) 12-15 (Fall 1:22)

Quarterfinal – Quinton Hecker (Lovell) 25-4 pinned Cade Warbis (HSB) (Fall 1:04)

Cons. Rd 4 – Cade Warbis (HSB) pinned Oscar Martinez (Greybull/Riverside) 17-10 (Fall 0:52)

Cons. Round 5 – Cade Warbis (HSB) pinned James Knigge (Shoshoni) 12-6 (Fall 4:36)

Cons. Semi – Canyon Casterline (Circle) 17-10 decisioned Cade Warbis (HSB) (Dec 8-2)

5th Place Match – Cade Warbis (HSB) pinned Lloyd Oneill (Moorcroft) 12-15 (Fall 2:48)

126:  Kyle Burwick (41-0) placed 1st and scored 31.5 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Kyle Burwick (HSB) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 – Kyle Burwick (HSB) pinned Dylan Scrivner (Shoshoni) 7-14 (Fall 1:27)

Quarterfinal – Kyle Burwick (HSB) pinned James Cushman (Niobrara Co.) 16-12 (Fall 1:04)

Semifinal – Kyle Burwick (HSB) pinned Canyon Casterline (Circle) 17-10 (Fall 1:50)

1st Place – Kyle Burwick (HSB) tech falled Hunter Goodwin (Sheridan Var.) 15-5 (17-1))

132:  Carlos Martinez (4-4) place is unknown and scored 3.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Carlos Martinez (HSB) received a bye

Champ. Round 2 – Cole Becker (Circle) 22-16 decisioned Carlos Martinez (HSB) (Dec 4-2)

Cons. Round 2 – Carlos Martinez (HSB) received a bye

Cons. Rd 3 – Carlos Martinez (HSB) major decisioned Alex Eisenbraun (Campbell Co.) 15-15 (9-1)

Cons. Round 4 – Asher Nicholson (Lovell) 25-9 pinned Carlos Martinez (HSB) (Fall 1:16)

145:  Ezra Weichmann (24-16) placed 5th and scored 13.0 team points.

Champ. Rd 1 – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) major decisioned Darrian Black (Moorcroft) 12-17 (13-0)

Quarterfinal – Hayden Crow (Sheridan Varsity) 23-7 tech falled Ezra Weichmann (HSB) (15-0)

Cons. Round 2 – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) pinned Bruce Higbee (Baker) 9-23 (Fall 2:21)

Cons. Rd 3 – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) major decisioned Benson Avery (Campbell Co. 12-8 (9-0)

Cons. Semi – Tryston Truempler (Shoshoni) 25-5 decisioned Ezra Weichmann (HSB) (Dec 13-8)

5th Place – Ezra Weichmann (HSB) decisioned Brock Steel (Sheridan Var.) 21-10 (Dec 6-0)

152:  Ty Warbis (19-11) placed 3rd and scored 19.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Ty Warbis (HSB) received a bye

Quarterfinal – Ty Warbis (HSB) major decisioned Charlee Thomson (Wright) 17-8 (MD 13-1)

Semifinal – Ryan Robertson (Thunder Basin) 17-8 decisioned Ty Warbis (HSB) (OT 11-9)

Cons. Semi – Ty Warbis (HSB) pinned Taylor Dykes (Hulett) 14-12 (Fall 1:53)

3rd Place Match – Ty Warbis (HSB) pinned Charlee Thomson (Wright) 17-8 (Fall 3:32)

160:  Tristan Pekas (17-17) placed 5th and scored 15.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Tristan Pekas (HSB) pinned Jason Palmgren (Spearfish JV) 5-8 (Fall 1:32)

Quarterfinal – Ty Bradley (Colstrip) 35-3 pinned Tristan Pekas (HSB) (Fall 1:19)

Cons. Round 2 – Tristan Pekas (HSB) pinned Ahren Vezina (Thunder Basin) 1-4 (Fall 3:11)

Cons. Round 3 – Tristan Pekas (HSB) decisioned Ryan Hines (Thunder Basin) 7-13 (Dec 3-1)

Cons. Semi – Jack Steed (Lovell) 13-4 pinned Tristan Pekas (HSB) (Fall 3:51)

5th Place  – Tristan Pekas (HSB) pinned Devon Harrison (Campbell Co.) 10-16 (Fall 4:07)

195:  Sam Urwiller (14-17) place is unknown and scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Rd 1 – Zeb Goodrich (Wright) 6-7 major decisioned Sam Urwiller (HSB) (MD 10-1)

Cons. Round 1 – Sam Urwiller (HSB) received a bye

Cons. Round 2 – Gage Terrell (Thunder Basin) 8-5 decisioned Sam Urwiller (HSB) (Dec 6-2)

Moorcroft Mixer- JV/Second Chance Results for HSB:

JV 144-146:  Ian Arneson’s place is 3rd and went 1-2.

JV 160-179:  Gage Goldade’s place is 3rd and went 0-2.

Second Chance 87-100:  Jennifer Vernin’s place is 2nd and went 1-1.

Julia Dalley’s place is 3rd and went 0-2

Second Chance 106-107:  Elli Johnson’s place is 2nd and went 2-1.

Second Chance 107-112:  Jeran Frank’s place is 2nd and went 2-1.

Second Chance 113-115:  Miles Weichmann’s place is 1st and 3-0.

Second Chance 165-179:  Gage Goldade’s place is 4th and went 0-3.