The Government Shutdown

As of January 14th, 2019, the government has been shut down for twenty-four days. Not everyone can agree that the shutdown is right or wrong, but most everyone can agree that it is scary for the workers not getting paid, which is about 800,000 people.

Madelyn Larson
For The Record

TSA workers and other important people have jobs that are government funded. For example, on average, 260,000 people go through the Atlanta International airport daily. Without the TSA workers, there will be many angry flyers with many flights delayed or canceled. Some families depend on the next paycheck to pay the bills, and without that, many people are in trouble. National parks are becoming filthy and unclean. Food-aid is soon going to become a problem if the government is continued to be shut down.

The reason for the government shutdown is the continuous argument on the funding of the wall to divide Mexico and the United States with the focus towards illegal immigrants. Donald Trump stated, “I can do it if I want. We can call a national emergency and build it very quickly.” Trump wants more than $5 billion in funds for the wall, but Democrats have not passed an amount that Trump will agree with. Members of Congress have offered a bill pledging $1.3 billion, but the White House and Capitol Hill remain distant in an agreement. 

The discussion about illegal immigrants is very controversial. A majority of Republicans express their feelings as the border wall being the right decision. This would solve the problems and keep people out that should take the necessary steps to be allowed in the US. On the opposing side, Democrats do not believe that a border wall will solve the current problem being faced on the Mexican-US border.

This government shutdown is between Democrats and Trump. Democrats have refused to vote and give the right amount of funding for the border wall. According to, “Eventually, between Democrats and Trump, someone will have to blink or risk having to explain to the American people why necessary government functions are at a standstill.”

Ultimately, the United States did vote Donald Trump in as the President. Most Republicans still back him and trust him. Most Democrats do not agree with his decisions and will continue to refuse future agreements. Regardless on your stance on the issue, as many citizens say, “Welcome to politics.” 

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