North Dakota FFA Winter Leadership Conference

On January 6, 2018, sixteen Hettinger FFA members attended the Winter Leadership Conference (WLC) in Bismarck, ND.

FFA Chapter Reporter

The members that attended were Zach Rickertsen, Michelle Witt, Kaden Schauer, Savannah Hibberd, Paris Ross, Kyler Curtis, Sydney Ellingson, Kaitlyn Schauer, Cody Karber, Bowden Hasbrouck, Cade Michels, Patrick Schultz, Olivia Havelka, Joclyn Wolff, Oscar Laufer, and Logan Ebert. Members attended workshops over the weekend to learn more about FFA and what it has to offer.

The 212 and 360 Conferences are led by past State and National FFA Officers and are more intense workshops where the primary objective is to develop leadership and communications skills needed for them to serve as chapter FFA officers. Zach Rickertsen,and Michelle Witt, attended the 360 workshops. The workshop included team building activities to get to know other members, this involved a lot of moving around. Many fun activities were played in the team building exercises, which included moving tables? This workshop was more for the older members to learn more about their future with FFA.

Kaden Schauer, Savannah Hibberd, and Paris Ross attended 212 sessions. The sessions taught them more about personal growth and stay focused on development. Other sessions for them included making positive decision and setting goals for their future.

The 101 Conference is designed for first year FFA members. The main objective of the conference is for the students to get a first-hand opportunity to learn what FFA has to offer and to teach them basic leadership, communication, and social skills. The conference is presented by the ND State FFA Officer Team and will draw well over 500 members from across the state. Hettinger members that attended 101 were Sydney Ellingson, Olivia Havelka, Joclyn Wolff, Oscar Laufer, Katy Schauer, Cody Karber, Bowden Hasbrouck, Cade Michels, Logan Ebert, and Patrick Schultz. Members were broken into four main groups: Leadership, teamwork, service and determination. We learned about how leadership impacts so many people and how to be a good leader without being too controlling. Service taught us to always ‘pay it forward’.

A wonderful surprise was presented to eight Hettinger FFA members at Winter Leadership. After submitting applications to the ND FFA Foundation, Savannah Hibberd, Cade Michels, Paris Ross, Kaitlyn Schauer, Cody Karber, Sydney Ellingson, Bowden Hasbrock,and Tom Buckmier were all awarded personalized FFA Jackets. These jackets will be worn with pride in all of their future FFA activities. In addition, Kyler Curtis won a jacket in one of the drawings. He will be in a new FFA jacket as he competes this winter in Agronomy.

Overall, the team had an exciting weekend learning more about FFA and how we can use it at home for the chapter. We look forward to sharing their knowledge with the rest of the chapter throughout the year.