HOSA and FBLA host successful blood drive

HOSA members Miami Pekas (left), Beth Lein (Center), and FBLA member Brynn Honeyman(Right) help run the front table for this week’s blood drive. (Photos: Frank Turner)

Two local Hettinger High School organizations, Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA, and Health Occupations Students of America, HOSA, helped host a local blood drive this Wednesday.Both HOSA and FBLA were able to attract 46 commendable individuals to show up to the blood drive, of which, 39 were eligible to donate to others in need.


According to Vitalant Donor Recruitment Representative Camille Jones, the blood that Hettinger donated will be able to impact about 150 patients’ lives.

When the blood drive companies like Vitalant come to small towns, they look for volunteer organizations to help host the event.

“This particular [blood drive] was hosted by the HOSA group with the school alongside FBLA,” said Jones, “They have a lot of students that cross over, so it’s a really good opportunity for them to be able to get into a leadership role.”

Vitalant provides blood for 68 hospitals in the region.According to Jones, to provide the hospitals with the necessary blood, they need roughly 250 donations per day.

“All the blood that is collected here is going to go to Fargo tonight where it is processed,” said ND HOSA state advisor Katie Shahan, “Then it will be distributed to area hospitals which includes Hettinger.”

Donor recruitment representative Camille Jones said that both HOSA and FBLA did a great job hosting the event and attracting individuals to donate.

“The fact that we were able to come down to Hettinger and have 50 units of blood provided was huge,” said Jones, “[HOSA and FBLA] were very involved and did a great job reaching out.”

During the blood drive, FBLA member Brynn Honeyman, HOSA members Miami Pekas and Beth Lien worked the front table for the event.

“I think hosting the blood drive has been an FBLA tradition since FBLA started in Hettinger,” said Honeyman.“We incorporated HOSA because their members are interested in working in the medical field.So rather than just having one group take on the entire job, we were able to tag team the event.”

The blood drive also gave the high school HOSA members exposure to a medical event.

“When I donated, I got to see the entire process,” said Pekas.

Along with managing the front table, The FBLA and HOSA members were put in charge of calling and booking appointments, helping the blood drive workers set up their stations, and even making and purchasing the snacks available for donors.

“If you donate blood or volunteer for three years, when you graduate, you will get the red chord for your involvement,” said Honeyman.

If you missed this last blood drive, the tentative date for the next blood drive is May 15.