Big plans at the Peacock

The Peacock Mercantile has taken hold in the Adams county community in many more ways than just a place to buy coffee.The café has provided a meeting spot for many local organizations.

Frank Turner

So far, the building has already hosted events like the Dakota Prairie Helping Hands community appreciation event. It has even become a hub for smaller groups like Empowering Leaders and other small gatherings.

Peacock business owner Pam Burch is looking to expand her business and renovate the Peacock Mercantile’s back room to provide a quality area for meetings and boutiques.

Burch said that, if all goes according to plan, the space will eventually be available to rent for the public for events like bridal showers and family reunions. The goal of the back room is to be able to provide 40 people a place to give presentations and deliberate in a quieter space.

“Lots of people want to have meetings here,” said Burch, “but the blender, high ceilings, and general noise level just isn’t conducive for that.”

Although a timeline for when the renovations hasn’t been set in stone, Burch has big ideas on how to utilize the extra space. The Adams County Development Corporation has granted the Peacock Mercantile $3,000 from its One-Time Building Improvement grant fund to continue renovations to the back room of the building. This is one of three grants the Peacock has received from the Adams County Development Corporation at various times throughout 2018. The other grants awarded included $3,000 for the organization’s Interest Buy-Down microgrant program and $3,000 for the organization’s Loan Collateral microgrant program.

“It’s going to have a kitchenette in the back corner, and audio and visual equipment for presentations,” she said.

Burch also wants to make the renovated backroom available for Hettinger youth as well, “I also want to have ping-pong tables and stuff for the kids to do. So when they come into the backroom, they can have something a little more active to do.”

Burch has already worked first hand with a local architectural designer to create a 3-D design of what the back room will look like when it’s finished.

“This will not disappoint,” said Burch,“This will be upscale and a topnotch design.”

Burch is also looking forward to much more than just a new renovated back room. She is also hoping to work with Hettinger Public School to create a mural on the back wall of the business. Although she hasn’t set anything up formally with high school, she wants the mural to be open to students so they can work on it as either a senior project or an art experience.

“For example, you go to Prince Edward Island in Canada and one of their number one spots for tourists to take photographs is in front of their art alley. Well, why can’t we do that here?” said Burch.

She is also considering working with local artists to contribute the wall as well, “It would make a great senior photo spot and we could even have a new artist come in every year and add a new piece to the existing mural.”

Whichever idea is embraced moving forward, new ideas like a mural wall will encourage more people to visit Hettinger and give local creatives another exciting project to work on. Burch summed this up best by saying, “It just creates fun buzz to attract people to town.”