First grade class turns 100

Kasey Tuhy and her first grade class celebrated their 100th day of school and honored their elders on Wednesday by dressing like 100 year olds. Elementary teacher Tuhy said she got the idea to dress up like old folks from an online group of teachers that had posted a similar idea.

Frank Turner

“This is my fourth year doing it,” said Tuhy. “It amazing how the kids dress up. Every year it’s nice to see the unique ideas the kids come up with.”
Although other classes in Hettinger Public School celebrate the 100th day of school, Tuhy takes it to the next level.
“Other classes do celebrate the 100th day a little bit, but not to the level I go,” she said laughing.
This year, some of the kids in Tuhy’s class even brought in family items and relics to complete their costumes. One girl in the class brought her grandmother’s broach while another girl brought their great-grandpa’s wooden cane. One student brought in a walker that his siblings had used for Tuhy’s 100th day celebration in the past.
“Last year, a boy even brought tubing for his nose with an oxygen tank,” she continued. “For the kids to bring family stuff in was really exciting. Some of the items were not something anyone had brought in before.”
The kids, along with dressing up, also had a party complete with confetti and door decorations to celebrate the occasion.
Tuhy also made the 100th day of school a learning opportunity for the kids by having them craft 100-themed hot air balloons. On the balloons, the students wrote about what they would do with $100 and what they want 100 of. They also drew what they looked like now versus what they will look like when they are 100 years old.
“It was interesting because one of them said they would buy a mansion with $100. So you know, the value of money, they just don’t understand yet,” said Tuhy with a laugh.
Tuhy said that the event gave the local thrift store, the Clothes Closet, a lot of business.
“I tell the families to not go out and spend money on the event. Just go to the Clothes Closet and use the resources that you have available.”
Overall, Tuhy said the 100th day was a success and that the kids had a great time being old for a day.
“It was all centered around the number 100 for the entire day and the kids loved it,” said Tuhy.