Dacotah Bank and Runnings voice their appreciation for their community

Frank Turner

Both Runnings and Dacotah Bank gave back to the community this week by hosting customer appreciation days and serving food.  

Dacotah Bank took the opportunity to serve the community in the Hettinger Public School cafeteria while parent-teacher conferences were taking place.  

“The reason we do this free meal is so that parents don’t have to worry about what to cook when they get home after conferences,” said Personal Banker Molly Wolf. 

At the cafeteria, Dacotah bank served North Dakota staples like knoephla soup and ham sandwiches to the community.  

“We have done a few different meals over the past year,” said Wolf, “but with the cold weather, we thought that knoephla soup would be a North Dakota staple that people would enjoy.” 

Although the weather was cold, Wolf said that the turn out was still really great.  

“We want to thank the community for coming out to the supper and hope to see more each year,” said Wolf.  

Runnings also thanked the community by having a whole week designated to community appreciation.  This Tuesday was dedicated to senior citizens who were able to get deals in the store and Wednesday was Running’s appreciation day for first responders, military veterans, and law enforcement. Lastly they held their iconic “Hotdog Days” by selling hotdogs, chips, and cookies for 25 cents on Saturday. 

As they served hotdogs to the community, Runnings also encouraged people to participate in their “Give N’ Take” promotion. The promotion allowed individuals to donate canned goods and support the local food pantry in exchange for Runnings promotional scratch ticket deals. 

“We had a great turnout,” said Runnings manager Collin Blade. “We sold over 500 hotdogs and people brought in really great items to support the food pantry.” 

The scratch tickets gave Runnings customers the chance to win gift cards, different coupons and discounts, and even a free trip to Cancun.   

According to Blade, across all Runnings locations, there were only two trips to Cancun available. 

“There are 45 Runnings locations,” said Blade, “So really there was a 1 in 45 chance that the trip could have ended up in my store.”  

No one in Hettinger was lucky enough to find the ticket to Cancun, but the local store did give away $300 in gift cards.  

“I really wanted someone to win the trip,” said Blade, “I’m sure Cancun beats the weather we have been having here.”  

Both Runnings and Dacotah bank, along with countless other local businesses, continue to be welcome and integral parts of the business community in Adams County.