Letter: “Their View”

Since when do half wit RINO legislators from the eastern part of the state have the right to dictate what time zone we here in Southwestern ND should be in?  Never has there been a better example of those the people elect to represent them in state government end up being a ruling monarchy. 

Many times has this issue been introduced and voted down.  Yet our power hungry legislators keep bringing it back.  We have repeatedly  declared an emphatic “NO”  We are the ones who live in this time zone it should be up to us whether or not we want to change it?  Not our power hungry RINOs in Bismarck.

An attempt was made here locally again a few years ago led by a certain lady Dickinson city commissioner to put Southwestern ND into the Central time zone.  But the residents in SW ND shot it down in flames big time.  It also cost that lady city commissioner her bid for re-election again. 

Here’s a little geography  lesson for those who can comprehend it.  When the clock says 12 o”clock noon  and the shadow is directly on the north side of the building,  that is the correct time.  And that time is mountain standard time.  And geographically that is the correct time all of the way to Fargo.  Southwestern ND is in the correct time zone.  Not the rest of the state.  And then add daily savings time to that and we have a time belt that is totally out of reality. 

We need to mount an army from SW ND to go down to Bismarck and make our legislators vote “NO” on House Bill 1486 to leave the time situation alone.  And maybe stop at Menards to buy some roofing tar to take along down there.

Ralph Muecke,