Two students spell their way to Bismarck

Frank Turner

At Hettinger Public School, 22 students bravely stood up amongst their peers to spell challenging words in a Spelling Bee this week. Chloe Marquedt spelled her way into first place and Sarah Holzkamm achieved second place. Both students qualified for the state Spelling Bee in Bismarck which will take place in early March.  

According to 5th grade teacher Brooke Schneider, to participate in the Spelling Bee, students first had to pass a written test. After they pass the test, they are then able to try their spelling skills in front of a crowd.  

“I think it’s beneficial for the students,” said Schneider, “It’s good to have extracurricular activities that go beyond athletics and that are more academic for the kids.”  

According to Schneider, the spelling bee is a long-standing tradition at Hettinger Public School and has been going on for more than 20 years. Although it’s been going on for years, Schneider had not heard of anyone making it past the state-level of the competition.   

If Sarah and Chloe were to win the state-level Spelling Bee in Bismarck, they would then have a chance to participate in the national-level Spelling Bee in Maryland.  

Good luck to Sarah and Chloe!