New yoga class in high demand



Frank Turner

Over the past month, a few local folks may be finding themselves in some unfamiliar positions. For these adventure seekers, it’s about working toward becoming more flexible, fit, and meditative thanks to certified yoga instructor Manette Obrigewitch and West River Health Services.  

By day, Obrigewitch is a phlebotomist, however by night (or at least when the sun has completely disappeared by 5:00p.m.) she instructs “hatha yoga” combined with modern fitness movements and safety guide lines.  

Obrigewitch’s goal is for yoga participants of all skill levels to work on strength, flexibility, and stress relief. 

“It’s beginners yoga with a few slightly more advanced moves, but there are always modifications for the moves we do,” said Obrigewitch. “We have had people with health issues that we work around and people who are more flexible than me. It’s not only for flexible people.”  

West River Health Services facilitated Obrigewitch’s yoga certification back in 2002. According to Obrigewitch, she along with three other hospital employees drove to Fargo to learn the practice and become certified.  

The idea for the yoga class started when West River Health Services surveyed their employees with a ‘Needs and Interests’ study and identified that exercise classes were in high demand. Modern yoga was at the top of the list. Because Obrigewitch had already acquired her certification, WRHS reached out to her to instruct the class.  

The yoga class was originally only supposed to be available for WRHS employees, however, after immense demand from the community, Obrigewitch agreed to teach a second class. 

“We had it geared specifically for WRHS [employees] and they have first dibs on the class. Since there were so many interested, we opened up a second class which left another time slot for those who couldn’t make it for the first class. This also opened up room for the general public,” said Obrigewitch. 

28 individuals jumped at the chance to register for the class. According to Obrigewitch, both classes filled up so fast, that WRHS never even got a chance to publicly advertise it.  

“I just don’t have the capabilities to teach more,” said Obrigewitch.  

Even though both classes are currently full, Obrigewitch still encourages individuals who are interested to contact her for a spot on the list. According to Obrigwitch, it’s still possible a spot could open up. 

“We can always put their name on a list, because some people may chose not to rejoin next month,” she said. 

For those who are getting out of their comfort zone and striving to become more limber, Namaste.