Abbie Kludt leads the Night Hawks to State with 1000th career point

The Night Hawks triumphed this week with two major accomplishments under their belts. In addition to winning the Region 7 championship game and making it to State, a feat that hasn’t been repeated since 1995, senior point guard Abbie Kludt scored her 1000th point.

Frank Turner

Kludt’s 1000th career point was scored in the last dire minutes of the game during a free throw. The Night Hawks won the Region 7 championship game with a 42-36 win against the Trinity Titans.

According to Kludt, she didn’t know she had made her 1000th point until it had been announced.

“I had everyone not tell me. They all knew how close I was and I wanted it to be a surprise,” said Kludt, “I thought that if I knew how close I was, I wouldn’t be able to focus on going to State.”

Although making 1000 points is a major accomplishment, Kludt’s focus was purely on pushing herself and her team to State. Winning the Region 7 championship game was a reward that Kludt and her teammates had been working toward for years.

“Going to state just shows that all 12 years of working hard and going to the gym on Sundays with the boys has finally paid off. It was one whole night that just came together. It was perfect.”

According to Kludt, the Region 7 championship game has been her favorite basketball memory so far, however, she is still ready to create some even better memories at State.

“It was that night, easily. It was the fact that both communities came together and that it seemed that the whole region was rooting for us. It was magical.”

Kludt said attributes her passion for basketball to former Night Hawk basketball player Taylor Kelner. In elementary school, Kludt’s watched her rolemodel, Kelner, show what it means to be a Night Hawk.

“When I was in elementary school I had my first elementary minor camp. I was a third or fourth grader and [Kelner] was a senior. I remember thinking that [Kelner] was the best player I had ever seen, and I wanted to be just like her,” said Kludt.

Looking forward, Kludt is planning to attend college at Dickinson State University. Although she hasn’t decided whether she will continue to play basketball in college, she has decided that she will go to college for businesses education.

With the 1000 point milestone behind her, Kludt’s focus has turned to succeeding at State.

“Thank you to both communities for always supporting us. All the encouragement we’ve received from everyone has motivated us to keep reaching our goal towards a State Title,” said Kludt.