Facebook over the years

Facebook officially had its birthday on February 4th, 2019! The social networking app is now fifteen years old. Facebook has a long timeline history which is mostly unknown to society and its users.

Madelyn Larson
For The Record

   Mark Zuckerburg started Facebook while he was attending Harvard University in 2004. At first, it was made for Harvard students only, but after one month of use, Facebook expanded to students from other universities. After a little over a year, the network expanded to the use of high schoolers. According to phys.org, “Facebook has grown from a social network meant only for Harvard students to a company with the mission of connecting everyone in the world.”

   In September 2006, more than two years after its release, anyone over the age of thirteen could become a user. Another big reveal was Facebook chat in 2008, where people could talk at a personal level. Another exciting addition was the option to “like” someone’s post to show that you enjoy or saw it. The application reached one billion users just eight years after it was created.

   Fast forward to 2015, where live streaming was added as an option and became the “new best thing.” Another milestone was reached in June 2017, where the monthly active user amount reached two billion people. Overall, Facebook is still going strong with most users.

   Unfortunately, there have been some legal issues regarding Zuckerberg’s creation. Some people do not feel that Facebook has the best privacy of user’s personal information. Karl Racine, District of Columbia Attorney General stated, “Facebook failed to protect the privacy of its users and deceived them about who had access to their data and how it was used.” The lawsuit also included as stated on nbcnews.com, “Kogan (a researcher) provided (a company called) Cambridge Analytica with the personal data and derivative data of approximately 70 million US Facebook consumers whose data has been harvested, which included almost half of all D.C. residents.”

   Facebook has prevailed through good and bad times. With 2.27 billion users, 85% from outside the United States and Canada, Mark Zuckerberg’s idea was a success. I’m relatively certain Zuckerberg will be able to pay for a loaf of bread with the average six million dollars he makes every day.