FFA Week at Hettinger Public School

FFA Week at Hettinger Public School (HPS) was a fantastic success. For a whole week, students not only learned about FFA, but engaged in different fun agriculture-focused activities. Those activities included, Chicken Bingo, liquid nitrogen ice-cream, wheel barrow racing, an egg toss, live animal displays, and many more.

HPS teacher Ronda Schauer said that her goal for the week was, “to get High School students excited about what FFA has to offer while allowing current FFA members a chance to take charge in organizing several activities throughout the week, and to engage Elementary students and give them a taste of some of the activities are offered in their future.”

Below are pictures listed from the week’s FFA event.

Students (left to right) Jocyln Wolff, Olivia Havelka, and Cade Michels demonstrate how to make “liquid nitrogen ice cream” for Mrs. Erickson’s 4th grade class.


Hettinger Public High Schoolers participate in the egg throw competition.



Teachers and students compete in blindfolded cereal contest.



A blindfolded Kyle Burwick pushes Benjamin Gonder in a wheelbarrow race for the FFA Armory Olympics.


High school teacher Jason LeFebre wins contest where participants had to move washers into a pile using only a dry noodle with their arms behind their backs.


Students Kaden Schauer and Logan Ebert (left to right) show off two baby lambs to elementary students.


Ron Kessel shows Mrs. Seamand’s second grade class how to use a centrifuge machine to split fresh milk and cream.



Hettinger Public High School Staff diligently watch over a chicken to see where it will poop in Chicken Bingo.