Students explore German roots through cuisine class

 Submitted By: Bridger Hunter

Germany is a country of many different food choices but mostly known for their meat dishes. Since many German Russians have immigrated in the past, there is a lot of people who have come to America and spread their culture and traditions including many German cuisines. 

In our Cultures and Cuisine class, we have made several German foods including Knoephla soup, Kuchen, Potato Pancakes, and Fleischkuekle. Authentic German potato salad will be for next week. In North Dakota, German Russian foods are prepared and made differently depending on their counties and regions. For example, for example in one county they deep fry their Fleischkuekle, whereas in another county they bake it. 

We have had the privilege of having two guest speakers, our first one was Mrs. Chris Block from Lemmon, South Dakota, who demonstrated how to make fried Knoephla. We mixed our dough, while she educated us on her upbringing and German traditions. If times were going well, there was more meat incorporated into the dishes, versus when times brought in low income, the meat had to be rationed.   

Our last guest speaker, Dr. Roger Schauer and his side kick Mrs. Jan Schauer, gave us a full history lesson of Germans from Russia about how the Russians invited the Germans in to develop wheat farming. Russia had given Germans free land without having to serve in the military or converting to their religion, language and culture. However, after a while, the Germans were losing their freedom in Russia so they began to migrate to other countries mostly in North and South America. 

So far, in our Cultures and Cuisines class, we have traveled to India, China, Brazil, Philippines, and Germany and will be going to Mexico and Thailand before the year is over. We look forward to our next adventure!