Alyssa Andress’s 1000th point sets strong pace for the Night Hawks in State Tournament

Frank Turner 

This weekend was full of excitement for the Night Hawks. Not only did the team place 4th at the Class B Girl’s State Tournament, but they also had their second player hit their 1000th career point. Alyssa Andress, a junior, leaped over the 1000-point milestone in the beginning moments of the first game in the State Tournament versus the Trenton Tigers.  

“That 1000th point was the first basket of the game,” said Andress, “Our coached had announced previously that I was at 998 points after the Regional 7 Championship Game.” 

Andress’s 1000th point set a high pace for the game and contributed to the Night Hawk’s victory over the Trenton Tigers.  

Although both Kludt and Andress scored their 1000th point within a game of each other, Andress said that there was never any competition to see who could break the 1000th point achievement first.  

“I didn’t even know that [Kludt and I] were that close and really it didn’t matter who got there first. What mattered to us was hitting that milestone and winning the State Championship. That was the whole goal of the season.” 

 According to Andress, the highlight of her 1000-point career was playing in the State Tournament. 

 “My favorite part of the tournament was [during the first game of the State Tournament] when we went into over overtime,” Andress continued, “It was exciting, everybody was playing hard, and there was a lot of energy on the field. It was a lot of fun.” 

Andress was also impressed with the wide community support that both Scranton and Hettinger provided at the tournament.  

“We really, really appreciated everyone who came and watched. I think we had one of the loudest crowds there.” 

“I kept getting compliments on how loud our section was. It was so amazing to have that support behind us and it really helps us when we are playing. It meant a lot to our team.” 

Andress attributes the Night Hawks’ success to the team’s strong chemistry. 

“We have a ton of chemistry. We play so well because we’ve played so long together. We all started out in fourth and fifth grade and we have been playing with the same people our entire lives. It’s great having that bond.” 

 Andress has a lot to look forward to in both high school and even college. Although she still isn’t sure where she will go, she does know that she wants to do something in the medical field and play basketball, if possible. 

“I know I have a big range of options and I’m just seeing where it takes me,” she said. “If I got the opportunity to play basketball in college, I would. I love team sports and I think it would be fun.” 

Although college is on the horizon for Andress, her focus is set on another whole year of high school and already, Andress is gunning for her next season as a Night Hawk. 

“I am really looking forward to my senior season,” she said, “It’s crazy how fast my high school career has gone. It is kind of scary that next year is my last, but I’m excited to see where it takes us.” 

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