Night Hawks Place 4th at State

Frank Turner

After beating the Trinity Titans and winning the Region 7 championship game, the Night Hawks girl’s basketball team headed into the Class B Girl’s State Tournament with wind at their backs. After the Night Hawks monumental win, both the Scranton and Hettinger communities rallied to support the team’s journey to the State Tournament 

Across Hettinger and Scranton, local businesses decorated their storefronts with messages of good luck and support for the Night Hawks. 

The momentum stayed ablaze all the way to the tournament. With a police escort in front and a caravan of honking cars behind them, the girls Night Hawk’s bus paraded through Hettinger before heading off to Grand Forks. Even with the freezing cold, people stood outside to cheer them on and wish them luck.  

Two rock stars from the hard rock band Adelitas Way also contributed to the Night Hawks momentum by surprising the girl’s basketball team with a personal video, wishing them good luck at the tournament. As surprising as it sounds, the band took the time to make a video while they were on tour in Germany.  

According to dedicated Night Hawks fan Ethan Andress, the songStill Hungry” by Adelitas Way has been theme song for the Night Hawks girl’s basketball team this season.  

“You might recognize the song,” said Ethan Andress, “The Night Hawks have walked out onto the court with it playing many times.   

Photographer Denise Andress knew that the players liked the band and decided to make a montage video of the girls playing basketball with the song “Still Hungry” playing in the background. Before Andress could upload the video to the Internet, she needed permission from the band to use their song.  

“Denise sent a message to the band to get permission to use the song. Little did she know, she was actually talking to the lead singer in the band, said Ethan Andress. 

The band agreed to let the Night Hawks use their music for the video and they also threw in their own personal good luck message to the team.  

In the video, lead singer in the band, Rick Dejesus, encouraged the team saying, “We just want to say good luck to the Night Hawks. Still Hungry, baby, do whatever it takes. Get it done.” 

Ethan Andress unveiled the video as a surprise for the girl’s team at the Night Hawks Meet and Greet. As the team watched the video, a lot of jaws dropped. The Night Hawks were so grateful that they later sent their own thank you video back to the band Adelitas Way 

At the State Tournament, the momentum went a long way for the Night Hawks. The girls won their first game 48-44 in a nail biting overtime match against the undefeated Trenton Tigers that launched them into semi-finals. From there, the girls went on to place 4th in the State Tournament. 

Night Hawks shooting guard Alyssa Andress attributed a lot of team’s success to the supporting Hettinger and Scranton communities.  

“Our community was by far the best,” said Andress, “It was amazing to have that support behind us. It really helps us when we are playing. I mean, to have that energy and all those people supporting us, it meant a lot to our team.”