Grand River Roundup

It’s been quite a week. Lots of snow and wind, but no temperatures below zero and it even got above freezing on Friday!

Betty Olson
Guest Columnist

  Monday night was a real adventure. The wind blew hard all day, piling up big hard drifts of snow. Reub used the tractor to open the road to the highway so he could feed the cows at the east place that morning. At midnight that night I got an ambulance call for a wreck ten miles up highway 79 with injuries. Hoping that the road was still open to the highway, I grabbed my jump kit, put the 4-wheel drive pickup into 4-wheel, and headed out to the rescue. I was able to bust through the drifts until I got almost to the curve at our mailbox and I got REALLY stuck. Thankfully, that was the only place on the road to the highway that I have cell phone coverage, so I called Sheriff Sabo to let him know I wasn’t going to be able to make it and then called home to let them know I’d buried the pickup. Casey was headed out to check heifers and saw me drive out, so he got in the tractor and came to my rescue.
It took Casey an hour to get the snow plowed out of the way so he could pull me out. We could see some vehicles headed north to find the wreck while he was digging me out. Charlie and Corey Verhulst were also trying to find the wreck and they stopped to see if they could help just as the call came in that this had been a prank call and we were all supposed to go home! Charlie and Corey were a little late getting here because they had to rescue a van full of Mexicans that was stuck down by Klempel’s place south of Reva.
I was so cold by the time we got home that night that I couldn’t get to sleep. When I finally got warmed up and was ready to doze off about 2:30 in the morning another ambulance call came for a two vehicle wreck south of Ludlow on Highway 85. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get over there and we were sure hoping that the rescue crews from over that way could get out because that emergency call ended with the statement “This is a real call”!
Tuesday morning, the guys had to plow the road open from our east place so they could trail the old cows home because they were about ready to start calving too. It took them quite a while to get the cows moved home and then I took advantage of the open road to run to Reva for supplies.
Slim Buttes Lutheran postponed the Ash Wednesday service and potluck supper until Wednesday of next week because of the weather. We got some really good news that day though – Creed was released from the hospital in Gillette and he’s home, pain free and hungry! Not being able to eat anything since his emergency surgery on February 23 about starves a teenager to death.
I was able to get out on Thursday to take my pickup to RZ Motors for them to put a part on my grill guard so my fog lights work. I visited Crystal Hannah at the nursing home and Vickie Abelseth showed me a picture of the big fancy motorcycle that Boyd had just won. Lanie and the kids came down from Dickinson that afternoon to pick up some stuff they’d left when they were here last weekend. They spent the night and I got to visit with them and Amanda and her kids before Lanie went home on Friday.
The mailman hasn’t been able to even get close to our mailbox all week because it was blocked behind a big snowbank so we had him leave our mail at the post office in Reva. Trig was home on spring break and he spent Wednesday through Friday observing Mr. Forsythe’s classroom in Buffalo for his college classes, so he picked up our mail on his way home.
Friday Rick, Cindy and Wade Engle came to visit Casey and Missy for the weekend so Rick and Wade could go coyote hunting. Taz went hunting with them on Friday, but he had to leave on Saturday for the rodeo in Valley City, ND so Trig hunted with them Saturday and Sunday. They got three coyotes, counting the one Taz got earlier, but they killed nine porcupines!
There were finally church services at Slim Buttes Sunday morning, but with calving I was the only one from here that could make it. Kind of a small group showed up because of the snow, but hopefully it will be better next Sunday. Taz won the rodeo in Valley City Sunday afternoon and got home late that night just in time to check heifers.
Did you remember to set your clocks forward an hour this weekend? The time has come to complain for an entire weekend straight and you can be sure I’m doing that.
This Sunday at 2 am, clocks were set forward one hour to mark the beginning of Daylight Saving, stealing away one precious hour of sleep which we won’t have returned to us until the first Sunday of November.
While we used to say “don’t forget to change your clocks,” our cell phones did that this weekend. I just wish our eight other clocks would reset themselves!
When told the reason for Daylight Saving Time an old Indian said… “Only an idiot would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.”