Life on the Outside

“Life on the Outside” continues to be a dream that I am not awakening from, for which I am very thankful. The arctic weather keeps me inside the house, where there are always mundane chores to do such as washing dishes and folding laundry.


I anticipate the days when flowers and vegetables are growing and changing daily, although I don’t miss sharing them with the bugs.
I recently marked another birthday, and appreciated many beautiful cards, flowers, and mouth-watering Next Door Pizza and delectable cupcakes with numerous friends. The ride to Scranton and back was enjoyable yet uneventful. A wonderful day despite getting older! And leftover pizza for another delicious meal!
An occasion that I had given up on happening since I became handicapped became a reality on January 27. With the aid of a lift to get me into the water at the pool at the Bowman Lodge, I was baptized by immersion by the pastor of the local pentecostal church, assisted by friends of his and mine. Thank You Jesus for making a wish come true!
As a radio station I listen to proclaims, just awakening each day is a reason to be grateful. “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” The morning I awoke and realized that my cold was gone was reason to celebrate with leaps & bounds (if I was capable of such gymnastics). Maybe it’s my age, but I have never felt so weak from a cold before. The departure of this “bug” leaves me feeling energized.
One of the benefits of “Life on the Outside” is the opportunity to be present at events of my choosing without having to get prior approval from someone above me. Some days ago I ventured to a funeral across the street. The weather was cold, but the wind was absent. The downside to the outing was that I needed to leave right after the ser vice to avoid the absence from home being detected. Since I had gone AWOP (absent without permission) I missed visiting with friends and partaking of a scrumptious lunch with them. I reminded myself that those weren’t the reason I had chosen to attend the funeral.
On one of Bowman’s balmy 45-degree days, my daughter and I paid a visit to Bowman Drug to refill my medications. I do like having the opportunity to manage this part of my life. (Truth be told, I look forward to the chance to peruse the many gift items for sale within the store, and to see the other shoppers!) A big part of the charm of living “on the Outside” is feeling normal again, and I was a shopper before the life-changing stroke that tried to fell me. Looks like “once a shopper, always a shopper”. Guess this leopard can’t change its spots!