Wired: A group for dreamers, thinkers, and coffee drinkers

Once a month, dreamers, thinkers, and coffee drinkers meet up to discuss different initiatives and ideas in the Hettinger community.

Frank Turner

Formerly known as Empowering Leaders, this group of visionaries recently changed their name to Wired. The group is united under the idea that civic engagement and discussion can lead to a better Adams County.
Wired member John Hausauer explained, “Wired is just a venue to discuss current events within Hettinger, collaborate, see what’s going on the community, and express if you have a need.”
Hausauer explained that anyone is welcome to present their idea at the meetings, however it’s not necessarily Wired responsibility to carry out that project. The idea is to connect ideas to impassioned people and allow them to become involved on their own initiative.
The focus of Wired is broad, and the only commitment is that individuals involved in the group must be willing to listen to other people’s ideas. Defining what exactly Wired is, is a challenge. Wired doesn’t have defined agendas and goals like other meeting boards and committees.
“We are low pressure,” said Hausauer, “Because Wired doesn’t have an agenda, I think that it is welcoming to individuals who just want their voices heard. Members may not necessarily have the ability to commit a large amount of time, but it is still an outlet for them to be a part of the community and be heard.”
Although it may seem like the group only talks, they have already accomplished some action. According to Hausauer, many of the ideas for activities at the upcoming event, Buffalo Fest, originated at a Wired Meeting.
“We came together, we tossed around some ideas for what we might like to see in an event and one of our members took it a step further and decided to make those ideas a reality.”
After the ideas were formed in the Wired meeting, they were passed on to the Buffalo Fest planning committee.
Youth recreation is another main focus for Wired. Impassioned members approached the Hettinger City Council in February to see what actions they were taking to address the lack of youth activities in town. At the meeting, the members from Wired found out that the city council was already working towards incorporating a key-fob system in the Armory to allow easier and safer access to the gym.
The Wired members at the meeting also took the opportunity to offer their services to city council and began considering the idea of running a fundraiser to renovate Armory’s gym floor.
“Wired’s only goal is to contribute to the betterment of Hettinger,” said Hausauer. “It’s a good introduction to civic engagement and it’s low pressure.”
Anyone is welcome to join Wired as long as they are interested in engaging with other dreamers, thinkers and coffee drinkers. Right now, the group meets every second Monday of the month at the Peacock Mercantile at 5:30 p.m.